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5 ways to channel your inner child!

You may feel like you can’t wait to be all grown up—maybe you're tired of having an earlier curfew than your older siblings or simply want to escape the awkwardness of the 8th grade. Not so fast! You are in a unique time in your life that many adults are envious of; you’re a kid transitioning into a young adult! That means that you are capable of maintaining responsibilities and accomplishing goals while still having a bunch of time left over to do fun stuff. When the adulting side of things start to get overwhelming, here are five things you can do to embrace your inner kid! 

Go outside 
Ride a bike, enjoy your surrounding nature or run around with friends. You can even revamp that double dutch game you used to spend hours playing or go to the swings at a local playground!


Enjoy Saturday morning cartoons 
Pour yourself a bowl of Cocoa Puffs or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and turn on the TV to watch whichever carefree characters you please. Whether you tune into throwback Powerpuff Girls or kick it with Finn and Jake in Adventure Time, it is sure to feel just like old times.  


Don’t look at the clock
Between homework deadlines, after-school jobs and soccer practice, you may be feeling like you live by the clock these days. Next time you have a day off, forget that the clock exists and do some of your favorite things without setting a schedule. 


Embrace nap time
We all once hated the dreaded "nap time" that meant our fun had to come to a stop. Now, it's a welcomed break from all that work and studying.  


Imagine that! 
Make a fort, paint a mural, write a fantastical story or decorate a cake. Use your creativity and exercise your imagination to evoke your childlike spirit. This works even better with friends because you can all share and blend your ideas together! 


What was your favorite childhood activity? 


by Cassandra R Lopez | 11/1/2019