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Gorgeous art museums you can tour online *right now*

Although you may not be able to travel to museums across the globe due to COVID-19, that doesn't mean you can't get that amaze art experience from the comfort of your own home. On digital tours, you can participate in fun activities, learn interesting details about different works of art and watch cool videos and presentations. Here are some of the most *fabulous* museum tours that will surely make you come out feeling like a world traveler! 

Musée d'Orsay

Ooh la la! Now you can tour Musée d'Orsay, filled with impressionistic paintings by van Gogh (including his self-portrait), intricate statues, gorgeous ballet paintings (feel like twirling yet?), Monet's Water Lilies and more famous French art. You can also learn about the construction of this gorgeous museum with a visual Google presentation. Au revoir and enjoy the tour, art lover! 


The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has one of the most magical tours of them all! Online scavenger hunt for hidden keys—and even a prize?  Check. Mysterious ambient music? Check. Narrators revealing the *secret* meanings of paintings? Check. It's a must (virtually) see!

Dalí Theatre-Museum

Image credit: @bucketlistmagazin

During the whimsical Dalí Theatre-Museum tour, you can view the entire museum as a dollhouse and go from the bright red treasure room to the courtyard filled with golden statues. On the way through this unique museum located in Figueres, Spain, you can learn unusual facts about Dalí's innovative art. 

Guggenheim Bilbao

Photo credit: @museoguggenheim

Love modern art? Check out the Guggenheim Bilboa in Spain for an interactive tour and *super* cool videos of the iconic steel structure. Click on the descriptions of abstract paintings and learn the *real* meaning behind each work of art. You'll sound like a modern art expert by the time you're finished with this cutting edge tour! 

National Museum of Natural History

If you want to take a break from art museum touring, you may be excited to hear that Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History has an *amazing* online tour that will make you feel like you're inside Night at the Museum. From the marine collections to the dinosaur location, you can visit *every* iconic part of the museum and learn fascinating new things on your journey.

To add to the fun experience of touring the museums, you can ofc check out the online giftshops of *each* museum, which are filled with all the cool items you'd see at the actual museum. Happy touring!

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by Camille Campbell | 11/24/2020