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Here's why baking is good for your mental health

As the Great British Bake Off's Mary Berry once said, "baking is both physical and mental therapy."  It's true: Baking is a total mood-booster after a long day or week, and there are so many recipes in the world. No matter what you're baking, though, you're gaining all kinds of mental health benefits.

First, baking is a time to be mindful. It's the perfect opportunity to center yourself in the present moment. Baking uses all your senses and keeps you grounded. All you need to focus on is the measurements and mixing—leave your worries and troubles behind. 

For times when everything feels out of control, baking is the solution. To make a successful dessert, it's important to measure every ingredient exactly. When you're in the kitchen, it's up to you to be in control...and to make the tastiest cookies ever, ofc. 

One of the best parts of baking, and a big aspect of why it's such a positive task, is that you get a reward at the end of the process. This can be good for your mental health, too. If you treat yourself to some time enjoying your fresh banana bread and a few episodes of Gossip Girl, you're bound to feel recharged later on. Another way to cultivate more joy is by sharing your treat with others, like your besties or your neighbor. Brightening someone else's day is guaranteed to brighten your own.

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by Riley Yates | 2/2/2022