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It's time to curate the cutest Halloween photo shoot

Pics or it didn't happen, right? Fall is *the* aesthetic season, and Halloween is the perfect time to make the most of it (while adding some pumpkin spice to your IG feed, ofc). Grab some props and your squad, because we're letting you in on our ultimate guide to curating the cutest Halloween photo shoot.


First, the set-up

Planning, planning, planning
You can never go wrong with a solid brainstorming sesh. Think about the vibe (or feeling) you want at the photo shoot: Something cute and playful, or spooky and off-beat? Once you know the general direction, the rest of the photo shoot will be easy as (pumpkin) pie. 

Creating the atmosphere
The best photos are taken in the best atmospheres. To live out your aesthetic dreams, candles are simply a must. Whether it's a woodsy musk or a warm vanilla, your fave scent wafting through the air in the dim light will *so* set the mood.


Queue up some of your fave songs into a Halloween playlist to soundtrack the day. Need recs? Our Spotify has playlists for every mood (like this dark academia essence of a tortured genius playlist). 

Backdrops and lighting
Outdoor locations make fantastic photo spots, especially in the fall. The gorgeous red-yellow-orange foliage? C'mon. Head to local parks, lakes, gardens, pumpkin patches and apple orchards to get the most out of the season (and the shot). If the weather's a little too chilly, museums or cafés are perfect options for that effortlessly cool look. And, if all else is unavailable, there are still fun options to get things going in a DIY direction.


A solid-colored sheet or wall is a great blank slate for picture-taking. Tape up some flowers for a whimsical fairy vibe, or hang up some spiderwebs for an edgier one. If you want to get colorful, consider using a sunset projector lamp (or make one yourself with a flashlight and toilet paper roll). Although a ring light may seem like a go-to for that Gram-worthy pic, not having one is totally okay (and we're all about that natural lighting anyway). Set up a tripod near a window or facing the sun to capture that dusky golden hour afterglow. 

Next, the fit check

No photo shoot is complete without an absolutely fire outfit. Since it's Halloween, the most obvious choice is to pose in your Halloween costume. From cowboys and cats to pop culture icons, check out our celeb Halloween costume round-up or these 6 easy (and cute) Halloween costumes for you and your besties for ideas. 


Your photo fit doesn't have to be over-the-top or costumey at all. Fall fashion is a jackpot of aesthetics and trends to choose from. If you're a romantic, silky blouses and a mini-skirt-and tights-combo is your go-to. If you like a bold look, pair patterned flares with a fun festival top to shine in the spotlight. And if you're all about staying comfy in grandma chic, try fluffy sweaters and cardigans, long skirts and corduroy pants. Matching your makeup to your outfit or backdrop is an easy way to look super put together and aesthetically thoughtful. 

Finally, the photos

Strike a pose!
Teamwork makes the dream work, so make sure to get a few group shots (or switch things up with varying duo and trio pics). If you're camera shy and freeze up in front of the lens, we've got you. Here are 9 best friend pic ideas and 8 super cute poses to get you started. 


Did someone say candids? The not-so-casual "casual" pic is all the rage, so just be yourself. Laugh it up or walk and dance around while the camera clicks away. There'll be at least one winner in there, trust. 

Beyond being super cute on their own, props are the perfect hack to keep your hands busy if you feel awkward during poses. Props are game-changers in helping you get comfortable in front of the camera and making the picture-taking process feel more natural. Grab something that goes with the photo or outfit already, like your pumpkin spice latte or your trusty tote bag. If you're looking to tap into the Halloween spirit, play around more with party props or parts of your costume. 


Finally, confidence is key. Have fun with yourself and your friends, and the camera will capture it. Feel good, look good: You're gorg, girl!

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by Sophia Zhang | 10/31/2022