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The ultimate guide to emoji combinations

Truly, where would we be without emojis? When words over text aren't doing the trick to get your point across, emojis are there to save the day and spice things up. The only downfall of using emojis is that the rules seem to be changing constantly.

If you've seen a photo dump or story on Insta lately, you might've noticed the newest emoji trend—using a bunch of emojis in a line to match the vibe of whatever photo(s) you're posting. While the groupings seem effortless, there's def a science to crafting emoji combos. Let's go over some good rules of thumb for emoji combination creations (and take a peek at some fun examples!).

Basic rules

1. Odd-numbers only

OK, so obvi your followers aren't going to start counting the emojis on your post. Subconsciously, though, an odd number of emojis is more visually appealing and keeps your amount of emojis under control. Once you deal with even numbers, you start worrying about balancing things out and end up getting way too stressed (and using way too many emojis). By remembering to always use an odd number of emojis in your line, you make sure the attention stays on your adorable photos. 

2. Color scheme is key

The color scheme of your emoji grouping can be determined by one of two things: the photo itself or the vibe of the photo. If you're sporting your neon orange bikini poolside, pick emojis that match the vibrant orange and bright blue tones of the photo. If it's the bestie's b-day, grab the cupcake emoji, party popper, pink heart, dancing twins and something personal (like pointe shoes if you met in ballet class). 

3. Random...but not too random

Especially if you're going off the vibe rather than the subject of the photo, it's important not to cross over into overly-random territory. Back to our beach pic example—you want to use orange and blue emojis, but not just *any* orange and blue emojis. Avoid the random radioactive (☢️) and biohazard (☣️) signs, as well as the jeans or spool of thread. Opt for more relevant emojis, like the orange and the blue swirl. 

Emojis in action

1. Post


A post shared by Morgan Riddle (@moorrgs)

2. Story

Image via @marymargaretboud

3. Bio

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by Riley Yates | 5/13/2023