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How to kickstart your manifestations this school year

You've totally been putting in the time and effort to make your manifestations become a reality, so why aren't they coming true? Don't worry: This doesn't mean the universe is out to get you, and it def doesn't mean you aren't able to manifest.

When it comes to the law of attraction—aka lucky girl syndrome—getting what you want really is as easy as thinking it and knowing it's yours. You've probably been told you need to visualize what you want, but tbh, visualizing can become hard when your goals are staying in your head and not taking shape right in front of you. Protect your peace and energy, angel. We've got some techniques to kickstart your dream life.

Use crystals 


Aside from looking absolutely adorable on your windowsill (bc these cuties recharge with the moonlight!), using crystals when you manifest can give your desires an extra boost from the universe. It's important to use crystals that directly support what it is you're hoping to manifest.

For example, if you are manifesting some confidence before giving a big class presentation, you'll want to use a self-esteem-boosting crystal like Carnelian. You can either hold your crystal in your hand while you write out or think through your manifestations, or place it under your pillow while you manifest before going to sleep. 

Here's a quick list of some crystals you can use based on their unique properties:

+ Citrine—wealth, financial abundance 
+ Amethyst — stress relief, intuition, relieves anxiety
+ Clear quartz — amplifies other crystals' properties
+ Rose quartz— Love, romance, empathy
+ Selenite — cleanser, clears your energy
+ Obsidian — protection, wards off negative energy
+ Carnelian— confidence, passion, energy booster

Write the universe a love letter

Listen: The universe has been tuning into your manifestations, but girl, you have to remember that manifesting is directly tied to gratitude! The things you want will only come once the universe knows you are truly content with your present self and that what you are manifesting will only elevate who you are.

We recommend writing a love letter addressed to the universe. First, state all the things in your life that you're grateful for. Then, write the rest of the letter from the POV that you have already experienced what you are manifesting. 

For example, let's say you are manifesting a little math class crush that's been pulling at your heart. After stating some things you are thankful for, you would write about how amazing it is that your crush and you are finally together and about all the fun dates you have gone on (it takes some imagination, we know!). Writing and feeling as if what you want has already happened will speedily spark those manifestations into reality.

The 3,6,9 method

@candicenikeia The right way to do the 3 6 9 method by Nicolas Tesla! manifest faster than you ever thought possible! . 3 affirmations (can be different topics), say them 6 times a day, and do this for 9 days! . You will see results in the first 3 days! . #369method #manifestation #lawofassumption ♬ original sound - Candice | Let’s Manifest It ✨

Did you know that manifestation happens extra quickly in your dreams? While you're getting your well-deserved beauty sleep, those manifestations are working their way into your life. This 3,6,9 method is a strategy you're going to want in your routine. The best part? All you need is a piece of paper and pen!

Write out your manifestation 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the evening and 9 times at night. Then, read your manifestations out loud before going to bed. If you're looking to attract a specific person into your life, there's a different variation to this method that you can check out here!

Vision board


Turn your mental visualizations into a fun, DIY craft (bc let's be real, who doesn't love an IRL Pinterest board.) Vision boarding is so beginner-friendly and can even add a little bit of decor to your room. From positive affirmations to pics of that dream vacation spot that's been on your mind, make a collage of your manifestations and glue them onto a picture frame or poster board.  You can even make a digital vision board on apps like Canva and set it as your phone lock screen so you catch a glimpse of your manifestations every time you open your phone!

The two cup method

@madeformore1111 2 cup method for manifesting. #2cupmethod#cups#water#infusedenergy#reality#current#desired#changeyourlife ♬ original sound - Sheri Mahnke Madeformore1111

This is definitely a powerful technique, so make sure you are prepared to see major changes come to life ASAP before you jump in. You'll need two cups, two sticky notes and some water.

Pour a small amount of water into both of your cups. Then, label one of your sticky notes "current reality" and the other as "desired reality," and place them each on a separate cup. Hold the cup labeled "current reality" and really visualize how you feel about the reality you are in atm. After you've really dug deep, pour that water into the cup labeled "desired reality." Hold the "desired reality" cup and visualize what it is you are trying to manifest. Finally, drink the water.

It sounds a little strange, but this is supposed to be a physical representation of you taking in the energy of your manifestations and holding the power in your body to make them come to life!

Which manifestation technique are you trying out? Let us know on Insta @girlslifemag!

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by Annika Chaves | 9/11/2023