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The ultimate guide to Lucky Girl Syndrome

If you've been on social media in the past year, you may have heard of the manifestation technique known as Lucky Girl Syndrome. Or maybe you've seen TikToks about the Law of Attraction or positive affirmations. Maybe this all sounds totally confusing, but DW. We've got all your questions surrounding this so-called syndrome, answered. 

What is Lucky Girl Syndrome?

First, let's clarify: Lucky Girl Syndrome is less of a disease and more of a mindset. According to psychologist Dr. Susan Albers of the Cleveland Health Clinic, “A more appropriate name is the ‘The Lucky Girl Effect or Phenomenon.'" The rules are simple. Just believe you're lucky and good things are on their way, and it will become true. 

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Is practicing Lucky Girl Syndrome considered manifestation?

Yes! The practice of drawing positivity from your environment is widely known as the Law of Attraction. Basic principles of the Law include "like attracts like" (aka similar things are attracted to one another), "nature abhors a vacuum" (aka the absence of negativity makes room for positivity) and "the present is always perfect" (aka there are always steps to take to improve your present condition). Positive affirmations, like believing in Lucky Girl Syndrome, utilize these principles in a simple, easy way. 

How do I become a Lucky Girl?

The most effective part of Lucky Girl Syndrome is the reversal of negative self-talk. Believing good things inherently come to you will transform your mindset, and in turn, your life! Next step: Simply telling yourself you're lucky. “When we tell ourselves that we’re lucky, the brain starts to look for examples to confirm that belief,” comments Dr. Albers. “And because our brain likes to be right, if we tell ourselves that we’re lucky, that part of the brain is going to start filtering in the information that backs that up.” Therefore, this phenomenon isn't a pseudoscience—it's based on scientific evidence.

Other ways to practice Lucky Girl Syndrome include visualizing your preferred reality, surrounding yourself with supportive people, creating rituals (that lucky pencil *always* gets you an A) and combining it with other mindfulness techniques. 

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What benefits does it have?

The mindset can flip your negatives into positives. For example, perhaps you don't win the election for class prez. No worries, you're actually lucky! Without those student council meetings, you'll have more time to brush up on your painting skills (hello, AP Studio Art!).

Also, if you come down with a case of Lucky Girl Syndrome, you might start to take beneficial risks and seek out new opportunities. If good fortune always comes your way, why not try out for the v-ball team? Maybe word on the street is your crush likes you back. Ask them out! (what's the worst that could happen to a lucky gal like you?) See what we mean?

So, should I try it?

We're not saying Lucky Girl Syndrome will cure all your problems. However, it may improve your self-confidence or give you that extra push out of your comfort zone. Even if this mindset isn't for you, implementing a few positive affirmations into your day never hurts. You got this!

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by Julia Szymanski | 4/21/2023