14 ways to fall in love with S-C-H-O-O-L

You don’t have to be an early bird to leap outta bed when your alarm clock rings, ready and rarin’ to get to school. You don’t have to be a star student to love your history class. All you’ve gotta do is dig a little deeper and look a little harder for the things that make school totally fab. (They’re there, trust us!)

Get to know your teachers

When you start seeing your math teacher as a motorcycle-loving guy with a weakness for really bad knock-knock jokes, you’ll get past the endless word problems he throws at you and start having fun. Really.

Stop struggling

Can’t figure out how to write a thesis statement? Stop feeling bad about your poor English grades and enlist the help of your teacher, a tutor or a friend who writes really well. You’ll feel like your achieving something, especially when your grades begin to soar. Go you!

Decorate your locker

Everyone has bad days, but when you can catch a glimpse of something, anything, that makes you smile, you’ll be able to boost your spirits in a jiffy. Post some ridic pics of you and your buds, an inspiring quote or a dry erase tic-tac-toe board.

Make a friend in every class

Seeing a friendly face (and having a solid partner) every period will make even the toughest class seem less daunting. Remember, there’s power in numbers.

Revamp your goals

If your New Year’s resolution was to score all A’s this semester, rethink that goal. Maybe it’s not practical to turn your borderline B’s into a perfect report card, but you can master French verb conjugations or totally dominate your oral presentation in History.

Celebrate small accomplishments

You got a 90 on a quiz in bio? Heck yeah! Give yourself a pat on the back, tape up your paper in your locker or over your desk and reward yourself with a treat. You deserve it.

Find something sensational in every project

Just ‘cause the Renaissance isn’t exactly your thing doesn’t mean working on your project has to stink. If you’re an artist, throw yourself into creating the coolest tri-fold poster ever. If you love to write, crank out a top-notch paper. If you love to talk, start making index cards now for your oral report.

Start trying in gym class

Not everyone is a soccer superstar, but if you’ve gotta spend half an hour kicking a ball around, why not actually go for it and hone your skills (and burn off that cookie you had with lunch) instead of strategically avoiding an actual exercise? A solid workout causes your body to release endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. So go for it!

Join a club in an area you want to improve in

Too often, academic classes are intended to focus on your strengths rather than improving your weaknesses. Duck a poor grade in art class and still learn how to draw a reasonably life-like hand by joining the art club. Or figure out how to edit a video with the A.V. team.

Pack a truly tasty lunch

Nothing kills your only free period like a soggy sandwich or a so-greasy-it’s-inedible slice of cafeteria pizza. Set aside ten minutes in the morning (or the night before) and put together a meal you’ll be excited to eat when the lunch bell rings.

Do your homework

Cut down on stress by scheduling a time for you to complete your homework every day after school. That way, you won’t be freaking about finishing up your math problems on the bus or during homeroom, or figuring out a good excuse for why your lab report is late…again.

Choose topics that excite you

Sure, sometimes Teach tells ya exactly what to write about or study. But sometimes, the world really is your oyster. Take advantage of those times by doing a little preliminary brainstorming and researching if necessary to come up with an approach to an essay question or project that truly interests you.

Participate in spirit days

School spirit is infectious—take part, encourage your friends to follow your lead and we promise you’ll have a blast.

Run for class president

OK, so maybe you still hate school. Sit down and think about why you hate it so much. Then toss your hat into the presidential ring. If you don’t like it, change it, chica!

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016