Must-have laptop cases to study in style this semester

Everyone changes their cellphone case to match their style—so why can't your laptop case get that same upgrade? If you still have that dull, plain-colored case from a year ago, this post is just for you!

Listed below are 10 cute laptop cases that will motivate you to type with style!

  • 1348x1796_2_1.jpg

    1. This sassy sleeve is a big personality piece.

  • il_570xn.1248516107_k8k7.jpg

    2. Stuck in choosing what type of style you want your case to be? Here is this geometric laptop skin that's wooden, pink, and white.

  • il_570xn.1394756146_negj.jpg

    3. You can never go wrong with floral.

  • il_570xn.1439358377_7uci.jpg

    4. Wooden cases always look classic, but here you get to show your personality with a splash of color.

  • il_570xn.1254399960_tud9.jpg

    5. You can never go wrong with the color of the season, millennial pink.

  • il_570xn.1451758787_flxz.jpg

    6. Tired of the classic marble case? Spice it up with this marble case with a palm tree design on top of it.

  • lemon-laptop-case-601891_1.jpg

    7. When life gives you lemons, print it out on a laptop sleeve.

  • il_570xn.1459390755_bd6a.jpg

    8. Have you ever been too indecisive to decide which stickers to buy for your case? This etsy store will do it all for you with their custom made mod podge cases.

  • ts63q01kpnk_zoom_m_1_(1)_1.jpg

    9. Be a flamingo, stand out from the crowd.

  • il_570xn.1464462017_rcff.jpg

    10. This watercolor case gives some great summer vibes. It's the perfect case to transport you to the beach.


by Andrea Ruano | 2/6/2018
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