20 affirmations to get you through testing szn

As we're nearing the final stretch of the school year, it's time to face the inevitable: exam season. No matter how hard you study, finals and AP exams can add loads of stress to your life. We're here to help with 20 affirmations to get you through it all. Say these to a friend, write them in your journal or say them to yourself in the mirror. No matter how you use these affirmations, with a little positivity, there's nothing you can't handle, bb.

I have everything I need within me.
My mind is calm.
I am grateful for my education.
I will pass my tests.
I will achieve all of my goals.

I am in control of my future.
I am great at taking exams.
All of my goals are within reach.
My strength is greater than any struggle.
I choose what I become.

I inspire others.
I am growing each and every day.
I have the power to succeed.
I am successful in stressful situations.
I enjoy studying.

I am motivated.
I am focused.
I am confident in my abilities.
I will thrive under pressure.
I am an excellent student.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 5/9/2022