5 ways to reduce college application stress

Senior year can be a lot, to say the least. Trying to hang out with friends, spend time with your family and do your homework on top of your college apps can get stressful. If you need some ideas on ways to stay productive while still enjoying your final year of school, we're here to help. Keep reading for our list of five ways to help you reduce your college application stress. 

1. Make a calendar for yourself and know your due dates 

During the college application process, one of the most important things is being able to keep track of everything you have going on. Make a digital or physical calendar where you can mark upcoming essays, due dates and projects. Don't forget to schedule time for fun things, too, like hanging out with friends, seeing your family or having a self-care day. Tip: Make it colorful so it's something you like to look at, not something that stresses you out.

2. Try and make time for the things you want to do

Senior year is your last year of high school—you should enjoy it! Make sure to spend lots of time with your friends and family. Keep a journal recording your favorite memories, take photos or write down quotes so that you can look back at them in the future. 


3. Don't worry if you don't know what you want to do

One thing to not worry about at all is if you don't know what you want to study...or if you can't choose just one thing you like the best. Most schools won't even make you declare a major until after your first or second year. And most people will change their major at least once during their time in college. Let your professors and classes inspire you! You might even end up studying something you never expected.

4. There will be a school for you, even if it's not the one you originally thought 

Finding the right college for you can be a huge challenge. In some cases, you may not get into the school you pictured yourself in. That's OK! Sometimes, the right school for you isn't the one you want at first. Everything happens for a reason, including college decisions. Wherever you may end up, you still have control over your next four years. 


5. Make a Pinterest board for the year   

College applications can be super stressful, but keep in mind that it's still your senior year. Senior year is meant to be fun! Take some time for yourself by making a Pinterest board of your senior year goals and things you want to do before college starts. It will take away some stress and add to your excitement. 

Have any more ideas on how to de-stress?

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by Grace Transom and Miriam Riley | 12/15/2022