All Of Those Tears

By: M1sspink135

Sometimes they say that it’s all right to cry. It’s a natural thing, so just pass it by. It depends where those tears are from though. They can be caused by many things, and some not natural at all. Don’t you just hate when the teacher says to the girls, “You’re beautiful, so don’t listen to what people say.” I hate the fakeness and what makes it worse is when someone calls you ugly and it makes you feel like dirt. The next bad part is when you tell a friend. They tell you what you want to hear of course, they’re your friends, whaddya expect?! I just sit down and stare at the blankness and let the tears roll down my cheeks. I sit there, not flustered, and I can barely even speak. I want the next day to come so I can start out fresh, so I can be that fake person walking around, pretending that nothing’s wrong. The person that I think is so wrong to lie to someone’s face, when you don't feel miserable at all. But you wait and see, it will come back around one time and you’ll be sad and feel like no one cares at all.
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12/20/2008 10:00:00 AM
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