Lifeless: An original poem by a Girls' Life reader

This poem, by Chelsea C., is called Lifeless.
I was lifeless until you breathed into me,
Before that moment, I never imagined all that life could be.

The first time I saw you,
The universe held still,
And suddenly my world revolved around you,
My purpose was fulfilled.
A supernova of emotion,
Sparked my light, fuelled devotion,
Set afire the ice in my veins,
The pain was gone, but yearning remained.
I needed you to speak, to laugh,
To touch me in a way that no one could before,
To unleash the passions, which lay untapped,
And to teach me that life could hold so much more.
You helped erase all my monsters,
Each time you wiped away my tears,
Took away my darkling paradigm, whispers,
Tenderly warmed me, and washed away all my fears.
You taught me grace,
Gave me strength I never knew,
Until across a room I saw your face
And perceived my purpose within you.
It was like gravity,
Not even calamity,
Could stop me falling,
Just for you, darling.
I’m not very smooth,
When sharing my feelings, it’s true,
But I had to be sure you knew,
That I love you, though that line’s been used.
It’s the simple truth.
I used to be afraid,
But now I know it’s okay.
This is my one, last shot,
And I’ll gladly give you all I’ve got.
It’s irreversible and unbelievable,
Needing someone this much used to be inconceivable.
I never knew what this life could be worth,
Until you showed me you’d walk to the ends of the earth.
You’d never believe,
The beautiful dreams that I weave
Around you and me,
Baby, you’re all that I need.
Please accept my humble gift,
The greatest gift I can give of my words.
You smile, my heart and soul lift,
I trust you; love you, by now I’m sure you’ve heard.
I wanted to be sure you know,
For you, I’d throw,
Away the greatest power,
Just to cherish a single hour,
With you, my love.

No King or Prince could rank above,
You in my heart,
And it’s been so from the start.
-Chelsea C.  
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by GL reader | 2/1/2016
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