Quiz - Would you survive the evil Eaters from new novel FROST?

Cinder meets The Walking Dead in M.P. Kozlowsky's Frost, a chilling futuristic fairy tale that will reboot everything you thought you knew about family, love and what it means to be human.

Sixteen-year-old Frost has spent her entire life in an abandoned apartment building, never venturing into the terrors waiting outside. But as bad as things already are for Frost, things get worse when her father grows gravely ill—and Frost is the only one who can help. In order to save his life, Frost must journey across the crumbling city to find medicine.

There's just one big problem. The city is ravaged by Eaters: zombie-like, deformed creatures that Frost must battle head-on to get what she needs—and get back to her father. She faces extreme terror—from evading the vicious Eaters to speaking to the first real-life boy she's ever laid eyes on. Will a girl who's only seen the world through a window be able to conquer everything that stands against her? Could you? 

Take our quiz below to find out if *you* would survive an encounter with the Eaters, then check out the new novel Frost by M.P. Kozlowsky and Scholastic...


You pass by a large group of people in the woods also trying to avoid the Eaters. They ask you to join them—what do you do?


You wake up to an Eater making its way through your house—eek! What’s your plan of action?


But wait—you have time to grab one essential item from your house before you escape. What do you choose?


Your BFFs would best describe you as…


You sense an Eater approaching you from behind. What do you do?


You pass a group of elderly people as you’re running from an Eater. You know they will not survive if you don’t help them, so you…


Frost travels with her robot servant during her journey. Who would you select as a companion to travel with?


On your journey, you discover a secret safe house, where a Harry Styles look-alike and his parents are hiding out. They invite you to stay with them. You...