Rules of the road: Get clubbin'

Rules of the road: Get clubbin'
GL’s clubs are a brand-new way for you to connect with other girls on 

You can create a club based on a common interest with a few friends or find one to join that suits your unique style. There’s no limit to how many clubs you can join, so get ready to make tons of new friends who are into all the cool stuff you’re into.
What do you want to do?

How do I make a club?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Step 1: Become a registered member of Not a member? CLICK HERE.


Step 2: Fill out the form HERE. Be sure to answer all the starred questions. Once you’ve perfected your club name, drafted your description and selected your officers, click ‘submit’ for it to then be approved by our site moderators. Please note: you won’t be able to change your club name after mod approval, so be sure it’s one you can live with!


Step 3: Now use the Invite Someone button to invite all your fellow GL babes to join!

Why can’t I change my club’s name after I’ve created it?

Sorry, but your club name is set in stone after you’ve created it (so that other users can find it easily), so be sure to pick a good one!

How many clubs can I make?

Each user can create five clubs and five advice queen pages (Stay tuned for those: Coming soon!), but you can become a member of as many different clubs as you want.

What can I do as club creator?

You’re the reigning queen of your club! You alone have the ability to update your club description and assign officers roles and, like the officers, you can post status updates for all your minions members to see.


What's a club officer and what do they do?

Club officers are the girls who help you run your club. Officers can post status updates about what’s going on in the club, but aren’t able to update any of the club’s information.


How do I update my club's info and post a status update?

After your club has been approved by our mods, you can update your club by clicking on the 'Edit' button next to the 'Invite Someone' button. Clicking 'Edit' will take you to the club update form, where you can change your club's description and your officers' names and titles (but not your club name!). Once you've finished making your changes, click the 'Update Club' button to save them and make them go live. If you want to save your progress but not make your changes live just yet, click 'Approve and Save'  and continue working.

I already have a club that I created on my profile page. How do I transfer it over?

So you got a head start? Read all our tips on how to transfer over your club HERE.


How do I choose my icon?

Choose an icon you think best represents your club’s theme from any free image website. The more unique, the better. And remember, no personal pics!


I’ve found my icon. Now what?

Save the image to your desktop or a folder that you can easily access. Next, click on “Browse” next to “Upload New Icon”. Locate your image where you previously saved it and then click on your image to select it. Be sure that the image is a square 100 x 100 pixels wide, or it might get smushed.


I uploaded my icon, but I got a GL logo instead. What gives?

If you’re seeing the GL logo, your icon was not approved. Double-check the following:

1. Make sure it’s not a personal pic.

2. Make sure it’s appropriate to share with all your fellow GL babes.

3. If you're not uploading a 100 x 100 image, make sure the file size isn't too large (think under 50k).


What are tags and how do I use them?

Tags make it easy for us to organize all the fab clubs on Tags work like categories: You can select up to four different tags that fit your club. Make sure that the first tag you select (with the red star) is the tag that most accurately represents your club, since we'll use this tag to primarily sort your club. (i.e., if your club is called "Fashion for Less", your first tag should be 'Fashion/Shopping'.) The order of the other tags you select (tags 2 through 4) doesn't matter. Happy tagging!


How do I get my club featured in GL’s Club of the Day box?

By creating a new club and submitting it for moderation, you will automatically be in the running for GL’s Club of the Day title. These are pulled randomly so everyone gets a fair chance to be Club of the Day!


Why won’t my club show up immediately?

We’ve got awesome site moderators who read through each club’s description and comments to check for personal info and inappropriate language to keep our site safe and friendly. Check back in a little while and your club will show up soon.

How do I get more members?

Check out this page for tips on how to grow your club.

This person is annoying me. Can I delete members?

To keep things fair and welcoming to all users, not even the club creator has the ability to delete members. If you’re having trouble with one of yours, you can report that user’s comments or notify a mod.


This comment is inappropriate. Can I delete comments?

If there is an abusive or inappropriate comment left on your club homepage, your first step of action should be to immediately notify a mod. Club creators do have the ability to delete inappropriate comments–but please do not abuse this privilege. 
How do I transfer a club I already made on my profile?

So you beat us to the punch and already have a super sweet club? Be sure to take advantage of our new format by transferring over your club’s motto and all of your loyal followers. Read on for the how-to:


Step 1: Create a club by filling out the form on this page. Be sure to answer all the starred questions. Once you’ve perfected your club name, drafted your description and selected your officers, click ‘submit’ for it to then be approved by our site moderators. You may want to keep the same club name that you have now, to prevent any confusion. Please note: you won’t be able to change your club name after mod approval, so be sure it’s one you can live with!


Step 2: Once your club is approved, your first status update should be one notifying your old members that this is your new and improved club location.


Step 3: Click the ‘Invite Someone’ button and enter the usernames of your previous followers to make sure they get the message.


Step 4: On your profile page, be sure to include the new link of your club’s homepage, and ask everyone to take part in the discussion over there.
How do I delete my club?
Having a club is a big responsibility. If it’s not something you are able to maintain any longer, why not ask another officer or member to take over? As the club owner, you can change it to be someone else's club easily. So why not pass the torch and keep the fun happening for all your faithful members?
To transfer ownership of a club, click HERE.
Once you've entered the new club president's name, save your changes. Finished? Now all of the club owner's rights and responsibilities are transferred to her.
Really need to let it go? E-mail and explain your reasoning, and we’ll delete it for you.     

How do I join a club?

Here’s how to make tons of new friends who are into the same cool stuff you are in under five minutes.

Step 1: Become a registered member of Not a member? CLICK HERE.


Step 2: CLICK HERE and find a club you’d like to join. Clicking on a club’s icon or title will take you to that club’s homepage.


Step 3: Once on the club’s homepage, on the right hand side you’ll see a button that says ‘Become a Member’. Click this button to automatically join the club—that’s it!


Step 4: Start having fun by posting comments on the club’s status updates, which is how you’ll find out about all the cool stuff the club is doing. You can invite friends to join that club, too!


How can I see other people’s clubs?

Want to join the same club as one of your besties? Just click on her name or icon right by her comments (it’s hyperlinked) and check out the ‘My Clubs’ box on her profile.


I think my friend would really love this club. How do I tell her?

If you’re already a member of that club, you can click the ‘Invite Someone’ button to invite that person to become a member, as well.

Can club members post status updates?

Nope, only club owners and officers have the right to post status updates for their clubs. (Hey, there's gotta be some rules, right?) But you do have the ability to post comments in response to the club’s status updates to continue the discussion (which non-members can’t do).


How do I access my clubs?

You can access your clubs (both those you’ve created and those you’re a member of) in one of two ways: 
1. Check the ‘My Clubs’ box on your profile

2. Use the ‘My Clubs’ navigation box on the left-hand side of any page on 


When will my comments go live?
We’re workin’ around the clock to get your comments up ASAP, but if yours doesn’t appear for a bit, don’t panic. Mods have to sleep, too!


Can I ask the mods a question?
If you have a question for a mod, it’s best to ask it on one of our many post pages throughout the site, and not under a club comments list. You’ll get a speedier answer that way.


How do I delete my membership?

To delete or cancel your club membership, click the ‘Leave Club’ button on the club page. You will no longer be a member of this club, meaning that you won’t be able to post comments on the club wall.

Can I submit suggestions to improve GL Clubs?

Absolutely! Do you have comments or suggestions to help make Clubs better? CLICK HERE to tell us what you think.
Report abuse!
GL's clubs are meant to be a fun and safe way to interact with your friends on Any club that is purposefully exclusive or negative in theme is a direct violation of GL's mission. Please refrain from creating clubs that express hate about someone, be they user or celebrity, or that will exclude any user in any way. After all, we're all in this together, right?
If you suspect someone is abusing in any way, please alert us immediately by e-mailing