How do I style my bangs?

I’ve had side-swept bangs for a long time and it's kind of getting boring. How can I wear my bangs in a new, cool way?

Side bangs are a cute way to add zest to your tresses, but sometimes styling them the same way can get a little boring. So here are a few ways to mix it up.
Up and Away
Need to get those bangs outta your face, like, now? Use a spray bottle to spritz bangs and the front of your locks. Brush hair into a high pony, sweeping all your tresses back.
Then, twist locks into a high bun (keep it a little loose to contrast the sleekness of the front look). Use elastics and a couple bobby pins to keep everything in place.
Finish the look by pulling on a jet-black headband and keeping it close to your hairline. Hit the whole look with hairspray.

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Flutter By Bangs
One of our fave designers showed the prettiest butterfly clips on the spring runway. Push bangs to one side and then clip ‘em in place. Use a cute clip on the other side for a major effect. Make sure to keep locks loose ‘n’ carefree, or else the style will have too much goin’ on.

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Totally Twisted
There are also always those days when your bangs just might not look the way you want them to. Part your hair to the side and pull the bangs back to one side. Twist them a couple times and secure with two bobby pins.
Leave your hair down or pull the other side back and make a loose braid down the middle (leaving half of your hair down). You’ll get those annoying strands out of your face and switch up your look at the same time!


by Allee Swick and Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016