BONUS BLOG: Summer Skin Savers "IT" List

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Thanks to the mah-ve-lous May weather, everyone at the GL Office is feeling tan-tastic and ready for summer. (If only our bods were as ready!)

But now's the time for all chickies to be prepping for those glorious sunny days—whether you need to get soft, smooth and fuzz-free all over (well, almost all over) or just stock up on beach-bag essentials.

Want a cheat sheet to fabulous? Drea T and Katie A dug deep into our staff's beauty bags for all the best tricks. Here's what they uncovered!


KAREN B: Fake Bake Self-Tanner. You know her as your beloved mag editor. We know her as an inside source for the world's best beauty products! Case in point: once KB gave this organic self-tanner her seal of approval, it started mysteriously appearing in several other makeup kits around the office. (Bravo to our fearless leader!) It gives a flawless, cocoa-colored finish to even the palest princess--and won't stain your clothes! Check the website for easy application tips, useful for most any self-tanner! ($27,


TRISH M: Blue Lizard Sport SPF 30. GL's Ad Sales Assistant (and occasional blog babe) Trish says, "If you're a total water baby, this is the only sunscreen for you!" The Down Under delight has been proven to maintain its extreme water resistance after 240 minutes in whirlpool water. (The FDA only requires an 80-minute test!) Plus, the color-change bottle turns blue when exposed to UV rays, as a reminder to slap on the ‘screen, like now! If only it came with a cute Aussie boy… ($10,


ANDREA T: St. Ives Apricot Scrub. This Blog Patrol babe and Associate Web Editor swears by St. Ives' top-selling product renowned for it's old-school exfoliating power—now available in "Invigorating" (the original) and "Blemish & Blackhead Control" (with a salicylic acid booster). Clear, flake-free skin? Always in style. ($3.50,


KATIE M-S: CornSilk Shine Control Blushing Bronzer Pressed Powder. Our National Ad Sales Rep Katie says this Sally Hansen staple (formulated with walnut shell powder) is a total lifesaver on hot, humid nights. Hint: They don't call it an oil eraser for nothing! Put it anywhere—nose, cheeks, forehead, shoulders—for a shine-free glow, girl! ($5.49,


CHELSEA L: Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Sensitive Skin Duo. Our new intern Chelsea is already doling out brilliant advice on the blog, and here's some more. This power pack comes with SPF 50+ and Sensitive Skin Lip Balm SPF 45+ in a single container. (No more digging through your tote for portable lip protection!) Plus, it's recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, so you know it’s gonna block those bad rays. Two in one? Double the fun. ($10,


KATIE A: sumbody Mango Madness Salt Scrub. Gotta get away, like, now? According to our adorable Associate Editor, Blog Patrol babe and resident health nut (a.k.a. Katie A) "This vitamin-packed sea salt will take you to the islands faster than you can say summer vacay!” A tropical treat for any pre-shaving or self-tanning ritual. ($17,


MANDY F: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 30. “I love the feel of this sunscreen (it’s so un-sunscreeny!) and it protects my prone-to-burn skin,” says our fair Associate Editor Mandy, who also happens to be the only redhead on the G-Blog Patrol. (Her babe Ruby looks just the same!) Also available in SPF 45. ($9,


JESSICA B: Redken UV Rescue Daily Sun Milk. "Redken makes a whole line of sun-related hair products, but I love this one because it protects my blond highlights and fine hair—and prevents scalp-burn. Ouch!" That's the final word on sun supplies from your fearless G-Blog leader (she's officially GL's Online Editorial & Marketing Director). ($12,

potionlotion.jpg potionhair.jpg

Actually, here's the final word from JB: "I also adore Ocean Potion sunscreen. It's super-cheap (I get mine Wal-Mart), comes in all different SPFs (try the 45 your ears and nose), cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and smells just like an orange Dreamsicle from when I was little. My sis and I are obsessed!" BONUS: We just discovered Ocean Potion has come out with it's own Shine & Shield UV Hair Mist! (From $8,

GOT ISSUES? Get the secrets to purrfect SPF protection—and score the truth behind dangerous tanning myths—only in the June/July 2007 issue of GL!

Want more scintillating summer suggestions?


The GL Beauty Closet is brimming with goodies for us (and maybe even you) to try. So stay tuned for more melt-proof makeup, humidity-zapping hair potions and all kinds of editor-approved product reviews soon!

TELL US YOUR PICKS! Got you own secret weapon for summer beauty? We's supposed to be your little secret. But share the love, girls!

by GL | 2/1/2016
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