We Tried It: Plumping your pucker with gloss

We were intrigued by the idea of a lovely gloss that claimed to produce a bee-stung pout. But would it work when we put it to the test…keep reading to find out!

NYX packages this product in a small lip-gloss like tube with a sponge tip applicator for easy use. We love that it’s small enough to throw in your purse or even a roomy pocket–-perfect for chicas on the go. And even cuter? Each color is named after a celeb with famously lovely lips. We tried Scarlett, which adds a subtle reddish tint.

Maybe it’s because of the tingling sensation, the cool package or just because we’d really love for this to work, but after just a while my pout had gotten puffier. It’s a subtle change. No instant-Angelina in a bottle, to be sure, but it seems like it made a difference. The shiny gloss can’t hurt either. NYX lives up to its claim – we noticed changes in just a few minutes.

Longing for larger lips? Check out NYX’s Pump It UP Lip Plumper, $6,


by Sarah Goldberg | 2/1/2016