How To: Get hot hair for New Year's Eve

This New Year’s Eve, why not take inspiration from some of your favorite stars for some awesome holiday hair looks? We’ve got the steps to how you can get each of these lovely ladies’ awesome ‘dos!

Babydoll braids

At GL, we heart Elle Fanning (Check out our interview with her in the Dec/Jan issue!), so we weren’t surprised to see her take this amazing hair risk at the 15th Annual Hollywood Films Gala this October. But can a style like this work for a party? We think yes!

After your hair is divided, braid each ponytail separately and fasten it with a hair tie. Then, lay each braid over the top of your head parallel with each other, and fasten them with bobby pins. If your hair is long, like Elle’s, you can pin the extra hair up in the back.

If your hair’s not long enough for the full-on Heidi look, you can still get the cute effect of braids by creating a tiny braid on one side of your head and pulling it back into a ponytail, or just securing it and leaving the rest of your hair down.

Glossy bangs + curls

At the L.A. premiere of “Puss in Boots,” Bella Thorne showed us that bangs can be both cute and edgy. We also love her ringlets and the super cute barrette she used to pull them back.

To achieve Bella’s look, you need to have bangs, but you can still get super cute curls without them! If you have bangs and want them to look as full as Bella’s try blow-drying them on your dryer’s cool setting. Hot air on your forehead will make your skin greasy, and heat can damage your hair color. For the rest of the look, let your hair air dry naturally.

For Bella’s sassy curls, try using a medium-sized barrel (two or three inches in diameter is perfect). If you don’t have a curling iron, ask Mom to help you with good old-fashioned hot rollers! Finish the look with a cute, sparkly accessory like Bella’s clip or a jeweled headband.

Sleek side-pony

Leave it to Beyonce to turn a ponytail into a red-carpet look! A classic pony becomes instantly elegant when tied loosely at the nape of your neck, slightly to the side. Beyonce’s hair is also super-sleek, so try smoothing a gloss over your tresses before pulling it back!

To get B’s ombre-inspired color, try using clip-in extensions that are a few shades darker (or lighter) than your natural shade and pulling them into the pony with the rest of your hair.

Shiny side-sweep

While Lemon Breeland can often be a bit sour, Jaime King’s impeccable smile and beauty at the 2011 MOCA Gala proves that she’s nothing like her character on Hart of Dixie. Jaime shows us that short hair can be impossibly chic, especially when paired with a bold red lipstick.

Jaime’s style works best for girls with medium to short hair that’s cut in a bob, either straight or asymmetrical. Jaime’s hair is asymmetrical, so the back of her hair has a light wave, while the front has an old Hollywood-style curl.

To get waves like Jaime’s, try using a sculpting mousse while your hair is damp (not soaking, but not too dry). A mousse will add texture and a slight wave to your hair without making it overly crunchy (unless you use too much!). Jaime’s hair looks perfectly touchable, so don’t overdo it with product. If you shower at night, twist 2-inch sections of damp hair into small spirals and pin them back. When you wake up, you’ll have instant waves.

Any size curling iron will do to get Jaime's curl, depending on how thick your hair is and how tight you want the ringlet to be. To get the side-swept look, curl only the lower half of your hair, or the part starting at the apple of your cheek.
Which celeb’s hair would you love to have? How are you wearing your hair this New Year’s Eve? Blog about it, babes!

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by Meghan DeMaria | 2/1/2016