BEAUTY 101: 40's Glamour Waves

Ultra-glam 40's waves are making their way back to the red carpet. The best part? They're totally easy to do! Follow these steps for a classic look that will have your classmates thinking you stepped outta the silver screen.

First, you'll need some supplies. Most importantly, you need to purchase hot rollers. To make sure the curls stay put, mousse  is a must. If your hair is a little flat and needs an extra boost to carry big waves, you may want to pick up some volumizer to add to your roots.

Try: L'Oreal Pro Full Volume Xtra, $18, 

And last but not least, hairspray is key.

Try: Aussie Dual Personality Hi Hold + Hi Shine Hair Spray, $4, Walgreens 

After showering, blow dry hair smooth with a large round brush. Then using a comb, part hair into three sections: one wide strip down the middle of the head, and one on each side. Take small chunks from each section, about one-inch thick and spray down with a heat-activated setting spray like:

Try: Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray, $12,

Then, carefully wrap the hair around the roller.

Try: Conair Instant Heat Jumbo Sized Rollers, $30,

Keep the rollers in for as long as possible. You'll want to curls to be tight, because once cooled, they'll be brushed loose. After taking out the rollers, wait for your hair to cool off a bit then carefully brush them out using a paddle brush.

Don’t wanna invest in rollers? You can use a wide-barrel curling iron after you dry your hair. Use your fingers to brush out the curls.

Finish off with some hair spray and voila! You'll have sleek and chic 40's style waves all night long!

by GL | 2/1/2016