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Every day should be a good hair day, right? If you’re stuck in a ponytail slump, get ready to change your look from frumpy to chic in a flash. From bangs to braids, we are counting down our 20 favorite hairstyles that will never go out of style. Your next signature look? Found.


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    Messy side-braid

    Mix up your hairstyle with this messy braid. Perfect for those days when you’re on the run and don’t have time to style your hair. Psst: Use your fingers to loosen the weave.


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    Braided headband

    If you’re looking to add pretty details to a typical up-do, try a braided headband. Braid a small section of hair from behind your ear and wrap it across the top of your head like a headband. Conceal end with a bobby pin.

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    Top knot

    Add a large bow or a one-of-a-kind hairclip to your bun. It’s OK if your bun is a little messy!


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    Low ponytail

    Looking for a style that will carry you from day to night? A low ponytail is perfect for grabbing the hair out of your face without the typical sporty look of a high pony. Gather your strands at the nape of your neck and tie off.

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    Colorful hair

    Dyeing your hair can be a huge undertaking. Opt for hair chalk or semi-permanent hair dye to get the color without the commitment.


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    Smooth pony

    For the longhaired girls tired of taming their tresses--this sleek, high ponytail is here to the rescue! Make sure your hair is combed back and smooth (you might have to use a styling crème) and tie the hair at the top of your head.

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    Fringe bangs

    Bangs are the easiest way to transform your hairstyle with little effort. Try these bangs for an edgy but cute look.


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    Headband bun

    Olivia Holt knows how to look polished and girly! Instead of pulling your hair back in a usual bun, apply a headband first and tease the hair in the back. Voila, instant volume and style.

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    Half-up, half-down

    This hairstyle is super easy and effortless. Use gold hairpins instead of black ones to add more detail to this look.


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    Bow-tie beauty

    Spruce up any bun or ponytail by adding a cute bow at the top. Don’t shy away from bold patterns or colors.

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    Pixie cut

    Are you overdue for a haircut? Go bold with this pretty pixie. The best part? No more waking up early to style your ‘do.


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    Beanie & curls combo

    The best way to top off a crazy-curly mane is with a floppy beanie. Add a pop of color with red like Victoria, or try a subtler look with a black, gray and brown beanie.

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    Loose waves

    Achieve these loose waves by simply wrapping small sections of hair around a curling iron for a few seconds. Easy waves go well with any outfit.


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    Sleek middle part

    If you’re going to wear your hair pin-straight, venture out of your comfort zone and try a middle part. Extra sleek and chic with long, soft layers.

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    Classic fishtail

    Instead of going to class with a boring pony, mix it up with a fishtail braid!


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    Face-framing braids

    Not a master of tricky, intricate braids (yet)? Stick with the classic braid and pin on either side of the head. Date night, here you come!

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    Medium bob

    Shoulder-length bobs are super adorbs and easy to maintain. Ask your stylist to add texture to yours with a razor.


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    Slicked-back bob

    Hayden Panettiere stunned the red carpet with this fresh, sassy style. Tease hair at the roots to create volume and apply a styling gel to push the hair back. Instant show-stopper.

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    Bubble ponytail

    This bubble ponytail is beyond cool. Use clear elastic bands to section off each bubble. Wear to school or even to the gym.


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    Crown braid

    Skip the tiara and try the royal crown braid. Perfect for cuties who have grown-out bangs and short, choppy layers.

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by Bridget Mallory and Erin Rodrigue | 2/1/2016