How to get your tired footsies sandal-ready ASAP


Sandal season is here, and that means it's time for your tootsies to see the light of day again. If they're looking a little rough from the colder months (and all that time stuffed into snow boots), don’t fret! We’ve got some amazing fixes for every type of foot prob. The best part? You can do 'em right at home—no pricey pedi required. Ahead, five ways to get your feet flip-flop ready ASAP.


If you’ve got dry and cracked skin…

Remove all dead skin cells with a gritty file, then apply a super moisturizing cream. Applying lotion before bed and sleeping in socks can really help to heal those painful cracks.


If you’ve got rough toenails…

Left that same nail polish on all winter, and continued to just "touch it up"? Yep, that could leave those toenails in bad condition. Remember, your nails need to b-r-e-a-t-h-e, so if you leave that polish on for too long, it actually ends up creating keratin granulations on the nail, which results in white surface irregularities (yuck!). Solution? Try gently massaging the nail with a super-fine-grit buffer and apply a cuticle cream after.

If you’ve got calluses…

These thick, rough patches are pretty much inevitable—everyone gets ‘em (so don't worry). Use the same gritty foot file you’d use for cracked/dry skin, and apply a cream that contains urea. This ingredient acts like a super-efficient dead skin remover. 


If you’ve got redness and itch…

This could be athlete’s foot—yikes. Don’t freak, but its def time to see a doc or try some over the counter anti-fungal cream. Toenail fungus often starts on the skin and it’s crucial to treat before it makes its way to your nails.

If you’ve got sweaty feet (all the time)...

Believe it or not, using an underarm antiperspirant spray with aluminum chloride can really help to cut down on constant moisture and sweating...goodbye smelly feet!

What do you do to get your feet ready for sandal season? Share in the comments below!  


by Brittany Goers | 2/1/2016
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