*This* is the secret to having a perfect hair day

Did you wash you hair this morning?

Although it may be part of your morning routine, washing your hair every day is a bit of a no-no. As refreshing as that just-cleaned feeling is (and as crazy as this sounds), washing your hair on the reg can *actually* make it dirtier. How? Your hair produces more oil when you shampoo it often, in an attempt to replace natural oils you've washed away. So, how can you skip a wash without lifeless, greasy hair? We've got some useful tips, tricks, and hairstyles to help you perfect your second-day do.

According to Dr. Adam Friedman, shampooing too often removes the fatty essential elements and coatings from your scalp. These are the things that keep your hair strong and prevent breakage and damage. Not to mention, hot water dulls dyed hair and leads to more split ends. It's best to wash every other day or every two days instead of daily.

To combat any excess oils your scalp is producing, try a dry shampoo (or baby powder) to soak up all that yuckiness in between washes. It'll clean up the look of the oil without removing it, so your scalp can rest easy. Dry shampoo is especially helpful after gym class or basketball practice, because it's a *total* time saver.

On top of all this, "dirty" hair is way better to style. Clean hair tends to slip right out of bobby pins and fall out of curls, but having your hair a little greasy adds the texture you need to perfect your style. Stylist Judy McGuiness says, "The best styles for dirty hair are usually top knots, and messy braids because you need the added texture anyway."

GL tip: You can also try a sleek ponytail or bun. Just add a bit of mousse or texture spray and you're ready to go!

How often do you wash your hair? Do you have any tips for styling second-day hair? Let us know in the comments!


by Julia Bonney | 1/18/2018