This vlogger's big idea is actually *teeny wee*

Between a packed schedule of classes, yearbook committee, dance team and voice lessons, 18-year-old Sasha Anne Worenklein is constantly on the go. On her ride to school she keeps up with social media and business emails — and in her rare spare moments, you can find her curled up on her kitchen window seat with her pup, Chloe.

And did we mention that she's a YouTube beauty vlogger who's received over 27k views on her most popular vlog and recently launched a lip gloss brand called Teeny Wee Lip Gloss?

Teeny Wee Lip Gloss is a miniature-sized lip gloss perf for on-the-go girls. "I always bring a lip gloss with me, and one day I couldn’t fit a lip gloss and my phone into a small evening purse I had received for a birthday present," Sasha says. "It was my aha! moment. Women and girls needed a teeny wee lip gloss to fit anywhere, like the pocket of their jeans, purse for going out or backpack pocket." 

The signature miniatures come in pink, red and rose gold — a color range we can totally appreciate. Here, from her budding YouTube success to her entrepreneurial spirit to her makeup routine, Sasha dishes all to GL.

Girls' Life: What's your inspiration for starting a makeup line?
Sasha Anne Worenklein: Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with makeup and people’s faces. I am dyslexic, so expressions on people’s faces always meant much more to me than words. When I was a little girl I focused very hard on a face to fully understand what was being said. As a child, I was terribly shy and I struggled to read. This made me very insecure. I expressed myself best by playing dress-up. In costume and makeup, I could be anyone I wanted. Dressing up helped me overcome my shyness. I wanted to help everyone feel confident about themselves. At 13, I started my own YouTube channel to share with other girls about makeup and fashion. At 16, I had so many followers that I thought of starting my own makeup line. 

GL: What's a major challenge that your business is currently faced with?
SAW: I am working to differentiate Teeny Wee from the other small lip glosses that suddenly popped up on the market—six months after mine! Of course, mine is teeny wee. The others are just “small.” As soon as my midterm exams are over, I will start a personal marketing campaign, going to as many local stores as I can in my area. 

GL: What does a typical day look like for you?
SAW: My alarm goes off at 6:20 a.m. I have learned that I must put out my clothing the night before. Standing in front of a closet half asleep at 6:30 in the morning is a huge waste of time. I love going to school with a different look than the day before. I do spend the extra time putting the right pieces together with a makeup look that compliments my outfit. My makeup and getting dressed takes about 25 minutes. Breakfast is usually Raisin Bran and skim, plus a latte.

My day at school is broken up into 10-12 classes. I go to a religious day school so I have a dual program of religious studies as well as general high school classes such as English, math, history etc… I’m also taking AP Psychology this year which is my favorite course. I run to Yearbook meetings, deal with the usual high school drama and I don’t get home until 6:00 p.m. three days a week. On Wednesdays, I get home at 3:30 p.m. and I try to get my homework done by 6:00 p.m. and then I’m off to my voice lesson!

I go through my emails, Instagram, take a deep breath and get my homework done by 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. with a dinner break. I try to get into bed by 10:00 p.m. 

GL: Walk us through your typical beauty routine.
SAW: For skincare, I use Olay foaming face wash for washing my face. For foundation, during the week I use Clinique foundation and concealer in one, Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer and Tarte Tartelette eyeliner. I use a cream highlighter, and Becca sunlit bronzer with the Fenty by Rihanna contour stick. It gives such a natural look, which I love. I switch up my eyeshadow every day. I use Fenty by Rihanna highlighter and Too Faced Mascara. Of course, to finish the whole look I use my Teeny Wee lip glosses.

GL: What excites you right now about the beauty industry?
SAW: I get very excited when I see that the industry is moving towards smaller products. We live such fast-paced lives and it's reflected in the way we purchase. We no longer want shadows and lip glosses that last forever. We want to experiment constantly with new products. A smaller, pocket-sized product is the future.


by GL | 5/7/2018