13 Peter Rabbit-inspired beauty products we heart

The Tale of Peter Rabbit makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As a kid, I loved the story and its simplicity and the soothing way it sounded as my mom read it aloud to me. And now, with an animated live-action remake in theaters and plant-based ingredients popping up like spring lettuces across the beauty industry, it’s clear that the wisdom of Peter Rabbit is catching on.

Penned by Beatrix Potter in 1902—who, by the way, was an OG girlboss in the writing biz—the original tale follows the furry thumper as he feasts on his favorite veggies from mean old Mr. McGregor’s garden. After a harrowing chase scene, Peter escapes unharmed—except for a tummy ache, naturally. Back at home, his mama fixes him a cozy cup of chamomile tea…and all is once again well in Peter’s world.

It’s a comforting caper, but the real takeaway is this: Vegetables are important. And while you probably definitely shouldn’t steal them or eat so many that you legitimately become ill, it’s smart to stock up on Peter Rabbit-approved, nutrient-packed powerhouses—both in your diet *and* in your beauty routine. Whether you choose a product containing green tea (antioxidants protect against environmental damage—aka pollution), carrots (the beta-carotene increases overall radiance), kale (vitamins A, B, C and K help tighten pores, reduce dark circles and detoxify skin) or any of the garden-variety ingredients now starring in skincare essentials everywhere, it’s definitely time to take a cue from the world’s cutest cottontail.

Scroll through for our fave essentials.


by Kelsey Haywood | 4/4/2018
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