5 Sephora finds that are under $15

Yes, it's possible to go into a Sephora and spend less than $20. (We can't guarantee you'll spend less than an hour in here.) Here's how to navigate all the glittery things and find the perfect product, without breaking the bank.

Beauty on the Fly = your BFF
Close to the checkout, there are tons of travel-sized products and minis of popular (and sometimes pricey) Sephora faves. Instead of spluring on a full-sized highlighter, why not go for a smaller one? When was the last time you actually finished a lipstick or emptied an eyeshadow anyway? We like Milk's highlighter ($14) for adding a little shimmer, day or night.

Make a dash for the masks
Sheet masks are one way to make your money stretch, and they provide instant satisfaction. Even though we know you're wearing SPF by the bucket, a post-sun mask is always a nice treat after a day at the beach or pool. Look for a super-hydrating mask, for after a day spent outdoors.

Double up on polish
Two shimmery polishes are better than one. We're loving this duo of shimmery, unicorn-inspired nail polishes. Split the set with your BFF or use both (a purple mani and a pink pedi?) to sparkle all the way through vacation.

Pick a new lip hue
Wanna switch up your signature shade for summer? Sephora's Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick ($14) are known for their lasting color and wide range of hues, from blushing pinks to vivid blues. 

Get a clean slate
We admit that wipes aren't great for the earth. But, they can come in handy for those moments when it's tough to have cleanser and a face cloth handy (ahem, sports camp, hiking or the beach). For those times, Sephora's Cleansing & Exfoliating Wipes - Green Tea ($7.50) are super helpful, and they really feel they blast away the grime.

What's your fave product from Sephora? Share below!


by GL | 7/23/2018
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