Fall-themed nail inspo you'll heart

Why wear nail polish if you're not going to customize it to the season? We here at GL have rounded up a few picture-perfect autumn nail looks that we promise you'll fall in love with (not sorry).

Nightmare Before Christmas Nails


This tutorial is definitely expert-level, but the look is worth the time it takes to learn. You'll need quite a few supplies, so make sure to shop before you start.

Autumn-Stamped Nails


This tutorial introduced me to a new must-have: a stamp plate. As shown in the vid above, you can press intricate designs right onto your nail by putting the polish on a stamp plate and then transferring it. Brb, putting it on my wishlist!

Pretty Pumpkin Nails


Finally, an easier tutorial! This look requires only four colors and three brushes. Soon you can have a pumpkin on each fingertip (and wouldn't this look extra cute in a pic of you holding a pumpkin?).

Dripping Blood Nails


Returning to the spooky theme of the season (but keeping with an easier tutorial), these blood drip nails are sure to add an edge to any outfit you wear.

Plaid Nails


Rounding out our list are these simple but very fall-esque nails. Pair the look with a cozy flannel and you're halfway to becoming a lumberjack. But seriously, the simplicity of this look adds to the style—and feel free to mix up the colors as you see fit.

Which of these nail looks is your fave? Drop a comment below letting us know!


by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/23/2019
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