Your guide to the glossy make up *lewk*


Wake up world, it’s time to get your glow on! The world may be on pause but your beauty routine sure shouldn't. The beauty world has been releasing nonstop trending looks and it’s only right to hop on the train and join in on all the fun!

Right now, the glossy makeup look is the latest it-girl vibe, focusing on accentuating your natural beauty and making your face look fresh n' clean. Our favorite TikTokers (and GL cover stars!) Charli and Dixie D'Amelio have a new collab with Morphe 2 which is to *die* for. We are going to show you how you can combine their newest collab and jazz it up in combination with Maddie Ziegler's latest Imagination Collection with Morphe, to create the perfect glossy lewk!

Want the ultimate guide to recreating the signature glossy lewk? You don't need to phone a friend, we have five easy tips to follow to master the glossy lewk! Get your glow on girlies!

Step 1: Hint hint skin tint foundation from Morphe 2

The brand new Hint Hint Skin Tint from Morphe 2 is the perfect first step to give yourself glossy lewk! From a selection of 20 different shades ranging from ivory to expresso, Morphe 2 is def no ordinary foundation. With just a few drops, you can apply the *smoothest* layer of product onto your face using a synthetic brush, a beauty blender or your fingers to get rid of any blemishes leaving you with a silky smooth finish. That dreamy dewy finish will be sure to leave a radiant glow and leave you shining bright like a diamond. Morphe, $17

Step 2: Morphe x Maddie Ziegler pink about it lip and cheek duo

Once your skin has achieved it’s desired glow, using the skin tint, the next step is getting your hands on the Morphe x Maddie Wonderlint cheek mousse. This cheek mousse is the perfect switch up from normal blush, making your cheeks look clean and ultra-shiny. As Morphe says, it'll give your face "a perfect wash of color". This product is versatile and can also be used for your lips, adding the perfect amount of pink and a *pop* of color. You thought we were finished? There's more! The Wonderlint cheek mousse comes with the Glaze Dreams lipgloss to swoosh on top of the mousse adding extra shine! To use the mousse, tap your finger into the product, and dab it on your cheeks or lips to achieve that iconic glossy lewk. Pink about it lip & cheek duo, $18

Step 3: Morphe x Maddie Ziegler dew bomb face

Highlighter is a *must* to complete your glossy makeup routine, leaving you with a luminous finish before switching to the eyes. To use Maddie's legendary gloss stick, just swipe it on an area of skin you feel needs some shimmer n' shine to get the most picturesque dewy highlight! Your skin will thank you later, feeling smoother and softer than everDew bomb face gloss stick, $12.Dew bomb face gloss stick, $12

Step 4: Jelly eye shimmer from Morphe 2

These shimmery colorful eye gels come in 6 different shades, ranging from champagne pink to electric indigo (aka Charli and Dixie's fave), will have you feeling like the sun, *beaming* miles away. With just one swipe you can add a boost to any neutral look and did we mention it has zero fallout? Jelly Eye Shimmer-Bright Idea, $10

Step 5: Gloss pop face and eye gloss from Morphe 2

Now for the show stopper, the moment we have all been waiting for, the gloss pop face and eye gloss. It’s a non-sticky gloss that will be sure to complement and add a glimmer of hope to your iconic look. You can even embrace your bare face and glide this product over your eyelid for a nice clean finish. This last touch will certainly add that *wow* factor.  Gloss Pop Face & Eye Gloss, $12

We spilled all the tea on how you can body the glossy lewk. Be prepared to level up on even your most drab days with this routine.

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by Samantha Dorisca and Hayley Miller | 8/2/2020