Makeup wipes are a big no and here’s why

A few months ago, we found Mario Badescu's facial spray went from being the most adored hydrating mist to a *major* skincare no. Sadly, we found ourselves in another skincare love affair, but this time with makeup wipes! We know what you're thinking, and no, it's not a prank. This is a serious wake-up call to tell you its time to break off the relationship between you and your dear old makeup wipes. Not only are they bad for your skin, but they're horrible for mother Earth. Join us by leaving the dark side, and start using facial cleansing water to prevent your skin from micro tears, aging, inflammation, irritation and chemicals that strip the skin of healthy oils. 

We've done all the research for you, all you have to do is ditch the wipes and say hello to a few of the *best* facial cleansing waters we picked out for you. If you don't trust us, you can hear it from these gurus. 

Susan Yara, founder of Mixed Makeup explained how she wishes people would just *stop* using makeup wipes and realize that harshly rubbing your face doesn't actually get the job done. It just spreads your makeup around your face even more. In the video above Susan goes on to explain the extremely negative effects of using makeup wipes. She says, "you tugging at your skin can cause wrinkles, but another thing people don't think about is hyperpigmentation. If you're really irritating your skin and it starts to turn red you're causing that inflammation which eventually turns to hyperpigmentation." If you're anything like us, you def don't want hyperpigmentation. So join our side and quit using the toxic makeup wipes!

Susan Yara isn't the only guru we got to back us up. Brittany Vasseur who currently has over a million followers is also pro facial cleansing water, and now her subscribers are too. In her video, she breaks down *all* the negative effects of makeup wipes, and the 3 overarching dangers she gives are chemical overload, residue and that they simply don't clean your face. Brittnay explains that "the scariest thing is that some of the chemicals that are put in these makeup wipes are actually from formaldehyde which has been proven to be linked to cancer."

We aren't done yet! Chinenye Ifepe, a famous skincare entrepreneur has made a fab TikTok summing up why it's time to trash the wipes. 

A better and healthier alternative to wipes would be to use Garnier Micellar Water for removing your makeup.

Inside these pretty bottles holds a 2 in 1 solution to the makeup wipe nightmare. This facial cleansing water will gently remove your makeup using a soft cotton pad with no harsh rubbing and no-rinse necessary. This magical product works on all skin types, so there's no need to worry if you have oily skin because this product will leave your face super refreshed.  

Another great alternative is using Glossier's Milky Oil.

We're so happy that our fave VSCO-esque makeup and skincare brand has converted to facial cleansing water. The best part about Milky Oil is that it contains Micellar Water. According to HealthLine, it's one of the *best* ingredients you can use to remove dirt or makeup off your skin. Unlike makeup wipes, this makeup remover doesn't contain alcohol. Therefore, allowing the Milky Oil to hydrate your skin, and clean out your pores preventing your face from irritation or inflammation. 

If you have extra sensitive skin, don't worry Cetaphils got your back with their top ranking Gentle Makeup Remover

This Gentle Makeup Remover has been tested by dermatologists and is fragrance-free, therefore, preventing your skin from any stinging or possible irritation. It'll leave your face and eyes feeling fresh n' clean with just a swipe of a cotton pad. 

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Slider Image: Makeup Eraser/Instagram


by Hayley Miller | 8/27/2020