The 10 beauty tools you need on your vanity rn

There are *always* ways to improve your get-ready method. Beauty brands across the board are consistently coming out with new tools to help make your morning and nighttime routines quicker and easier. Take a look at these *fabulous* beauty devices and instruments that we are *obsessed* with rn, we have no doubt you will be adding them to your cart after checking them out. 

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Portable nail care set

We've all experienced the struggle of getting a hangnail when you're out of the house and picking it only makes it worse. With this portable travel size nail care kit, you can officially kiss that struggle and all nail related annoyances goodbye. Sephora, $20

Facial headband

Skincare has become all the rage and it *def* isn't going anywhere. So if you wanna step up your skincare game a facial headband is the way to go. Wearing this cute headband while you're washing your face will prevent water and cleanser from getting in your hair. mykitsch, $18

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Morphe faves eye brush set

Beauty YouTubers like James Charles, NikkieTutorials and so many more gift us with countless amounts of eye lewks to re-create and try our hand at. In order to successfully be able to, you need the right brushes. This set from Morphe gives you everything from a detailed crease brush to a firm blending fluff brush. morphe, $46

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Jade roller

There's nothing more relaxing than the feeling of a chili jade roller massaging your face. What's even better is that you'll end up with brighter and less puffy skin as a result of this trendy skincare tool. urbanoutfitters, $16

Skin cleansing brush

This cleansing brush will save you *so* much time during the cleansing step of your skincare routine. It will also increase the benefits that the cleansing step has because of the power from this brush. Sephora, $25

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The Hair Edit's detangle and massage brush

This *boujee* hairbrush from The Hair Edit prevents all harsh tugging and pulling when you brush your hair. What's not to like about that? Not to mention it goes with any vanity aesthetic. Ulta, $13

Light-up makeup mirror

This light-up makeup mirror is the *ultimate* cure to all your blending and contouring problems when it comes to applying makeup. If you're using this mirror you'll never have an uneven foundation blend ever again! Walmart, $35

Harry Josh Pro Tools 3 in 1 ceramic curling iron

It's 2021, it's time to step up the hair game. The best place to start is with the Harry Josh Pro Tools 3 in one curling iron that works as a wand, marcel and of course a curling iron. Why buy three different hair tools when you could get one that does it all! dermstore, $185

Blender cleanser

If you're a beauty guru you know that your beauty blender gets used almost as much as your toothbrush. That's why its *so* important to clean it. This small travel-sized cleanser will give your blender a deep clean and will also look super cute on your vanity as well. Sephora, $9 

Harry Josh Pro Tools hair clips

From Kylie Jenner to Maddie Ziegler, influencers and celebrities across the board have found the answer for how to keep your hair out of your face when doing makeup. The answer is Harry Josh Pro Tools makeup and wave setting clips. These clips gently clip back your hair while you're getting ready without creating any damage or creases. dermstore, $18

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by Hayley Miller | 1/26/2021