How to recreate 3 iconic NikkieTutorials lewks for Valentine’s Day


NikkieTutorials is the *kween* of all things makeup tutorials and every year she gives her glow babies the most *flawless* lewks to flaunt on Valentine's Day. The best part is that they're perfect for any aesthetic or vibe someone might be going for. Whether it's date night or a Galentine's hangout she has a look ready for every occasion!

Here are 3 of Nikkie's lovely Valentine's Day looks with every step broken down on how to recreate it. 

Good for the gram V-Day *lewk*

How-to and products used

Nikkie started out this look by going in with her foundation by Revlon which is the Photo Ready Candid Natural Finish Anti-Pollution Foundation. She applied it with a sponge by Juno & Co, specifically the Rose Velvet one and it gave her a glowing, medium coverage on her face.

Target, $10

Target, $6

After that, she put on her Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer which is Nikkie's absolute *favorite* concealer of them all because it gets the job done on covering up any dark spots or blemishes while giving your face a beautiful glow you'll def want on Valentine's Day.

Sephora, $22

If you're a Nikkietutorials stan you *def* know what comes next...obviously setting powder because we want to make sure the base stays in place! All you have to do is blot it all over your face with a powder puff. 

alconemakeup, $31

Now that the face is set in place it's time to dive into the eyes by priming them with P. Louise base and then finally add in some pinky Valentine's Day colors on those eyelids. The eyeshadow colors are from the KimChi Rainbow Sharts Palette Ketnipz x KimChi.

To get the striking eye lewk Nikkie is rocking in this video start from the corner of your eye and pack the pink color "watermelon" in good and thick. Keep packing it in until you make a half-moon shape and then take the same color into the inner corner of your eye and do the same thing. Start making tiny circles so it blends in and expands on both sides of your eye. Then take the color by the name of the grape and pack it onto the gap made in between the inner and outer corners of your eye. After you do that blend it all in so it looks like an ombre. 

If you're vibing with Nikkie's under-eye action take a smaller and thinner brush with the color watermelon to draw a line underneath your bottom lashes. The last finishing touches are a few dabs on each inner corner with the color grape for that glow n' shine. 

It obviously isn't a Nikkie tutorials video without false lashes from Lily Lashes "So Extra" Miami, but if you're not a fake lashes kind of gal, don't worry because mascara works too!

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Morphe, $15

kimchichicbeauty, $28

lilylashes, $30

Once you're done with the eyes it's time to make those cheeks pop with some blush and *fab* highlight. Take your big fluffy blush brush and make circles up and down your cheekbone and do the same thing with the Ofra x NikkieTutorials Glazed Donut Highlighter.

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Ofracosmetics, $35

Then comes the part of the look we've all been waiting for, the pink and white clouds! For this part of Nikkie uses the Makeup or Ever Flash Color Multi-Use Cream color Palette. 

But first, take the pink blush and dab it all over your nose, in between your eyebrows, and all over that general area (you'll look like a cute bunny at first). Then blend it out so it's basically all over your cheeks and the top part of your face. Next, take the darker pink and put it over the pink shade that's already on your face to make it stand out. 

The clouds are going to be drawn with the white color from the Makeup or Ever Flash Color Multi-Use Cream color Palette. Nikkie has a trick to make the clouds look accurate in just a few simple steps. First, take your brush and make 3 dots, on your cheek then make some smudge marks underneath and continue to do that again a few more times all around the top part of your face.  To finish off the clouds put the dark pink over the white, and add that iconic Ofra x NikkieTutorials Glazed Donut Highlighter to really make the clouds magical and dreamy. 

Sephora, $99

The last and final part of this tutorial concludes with the lips. Nikkie takes the Colour Pop lip liner and outlines the outermost part of her lips. She then goes in with the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in shade "Oh my God" on the inside of her lips. Finally tops it all off with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics The Lipgloss in shade "Control Freak"  ontop of shade "Oh my God" for that final glimmer and pop of pink. 

Colourpop, $6

Beautylish, $18

Mercari, $24

Classy and classic matte face

How-to and products used

This natural matte look is simple and flirty yet festive and perfect for Valentine's Day. It starts out with a full coverage foundation from L'Oréal Paris. In this tutorial, Nikkie used two different foundations in order to achieve that heavy full coverage she always goes for. 

She then used the famous Tarte shape tape for concealer and applied it to her under-eye area. After concealer, she used Nars loose setting powder to set it all in place. 

Buymebeauty, $10

Ultabeauty, $13


Tartecosmetics, $27

Narscosmetics, $37

After the base face steps, Nikki moved onto the brows which are always a crucial part of making the matte look flawless. One of the products Nikki used on her brows was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil to create those fine hairs on her brows and outline them making 'em look super *on fleek*. 

Sephora, $23

After the brows, it's time to move on to highlight. The highlighter that Nikki uses for this look is the Elf Cosmetics Baked Highlighter Moonlight Pearls. Nikki applies it to both cheekbones leaving her with the finest glow.  

Target, $4

Nikki went onto use the Elf Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette to create the perfect light-toned smokey eye. Nikki chose to use the middle light peach shade, but any of the colors in this palette would be perfect for any occasion as you can dress them up or down. 

She used a medium-sized fluffy brush and went in from the side outer corner of her eye making tiny circle strokes until the whole eye was blended and covered in that middle color. 

Elf, $10

The final step of this matte look was a beautiful liquid lip by Ofra in the perfect deep pink shade for Valentine's Day. Making sure to stay in the lines of her lips and blot at the end. 

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Ofracosmetics, $20

Glowy and shiny Valentine's Day look

This last look from Nikki is a simple yet sparkly lewk that really rings in the loving Valentine's Day mood. 

How-to and products used

This look begins with two foundations one from Mac and one from Estee Lauder. Together the combination of these two foundations will wind up giving the face an overall beam that will radiate the room on Valentine's Day. 

Maccosmetics, $33

Etsteelauder, $25

The eye's for this Valentine's look is a fun mix of a smokey eye and a light pink twinkly girly lewk. The shadows come from the brands Illamasqua and Mac. 

Skinstore, $23

Skinstore, $30

Of course, this look closes out with a precious pink lipstick from Mac. The color from the lipstick brings out the pink eyeshadow perfectly allowing the whole look to come together. 

When Nikkie applies her lipstick she always starts from the bottom lip and then slowly does the corners carefully. Then she makes her way to the top lip and does a second layer of that whole process and finally blots. Although it takes time she doesn't rush and it end sup looking *perfect*. 

Which of these romantic lewks are you going to create for Valentine's Day? Let us know by tagging us @Girlslifemag!


by Hayley Miller | 2/14/2021