We found the best shampoo for every hair type

Although you might not think about it that much when you're restocking on your hair care products, choosing the right shampoo for your hair color and type can actually be a big deal. While shampoos that work for all hair types are great, your hair is as unique as you—so picking the shampoo that best matches *your* hair type will take your shower routine to the next level. We've rounded up the best shampoos for every hair texture and color to keep your locks super luscious and healthy. 

BlondeJohn Freida Violet Crush 


Perfect for those pesky brassy tones that often pop up in your hair, this shampoo brings your hair back to a cooler blonde to keep that bright golden color shining. Find it here. 

Brunette—John Freida Blue Crush 

Brunette or brown hair can often adopt warm orange tones, especially if you spend lots of time in the summer sunshine. The tri-dye blend Blue crush shampoo protects against brassy hair. Buy it here. 

Red—John Freida, Radiant Red Boosting 

Want to flaunt your gorgeous red color? (And girl, you should!) Preserve and enhance your red tones as well as smooth and soften with the vitamin E and pomegranate extract in this shampoo. Find it here. 

Colorful—John Freida, Luminous Glaze Liquid Shine

If you needed a change and decided to finally dye your hair the perfect shade of purple or pink you'd been dreaming of you'll want to keep that color intact for as long as possible. This clear glaze washes and boosts your hair without lightening any of your new color. Get it here. 

Thick—Pantene, Daily Moisture Renewal

Image: Pantene

Thick hair can get heavy and tough to manage, as well as dry out since your hair's natural oils might not be enough for all of the volume. This silicone-free shampoo moisturizes your dry hair and leaves your hair feeling lighter, smoother and silkier. Find it here. 

Textured—Pantene Gold Series Sulfate-Free

Image: Pantene

Your natural hair is *gorgeous* and deserves the best of care. This shampoo removes buildup without getting rid of your hair's natural oils. Bonus: it's free of harsh ingredients like sulfates and silicones. Find it here. 

Fine—Herbal Essences, Body Envy Volumizing

Image: Amazon

Want to add some extra volume and lift to thin or flat hair? This sweet citrus-scented shampoo has gentle cleansing and a volume boost. Find it here

Damaged—Biolage, KeratinDose 

Image: Biolage

Whether you spend all day in the chlorine-filled pool or use your curling or straightening iron super frequently, your hair might be brittle and fragile. Keratin dosed shampoo reinforces damaged strands and helps bring your hair back to health. Find it here. 

Straight—Aveda invati advanced exfoliating

Image: AVEDA

Naturally straight and smooth hair may feel boring to you (which is *so* not true) but this  exfoliating and thickening shampoo may just give your hair that extra something you're looking for. Find it here. 

Oily—L'OREAL, Elvive Extraordinary Clay 

Image: Amazon

Remove that annoying oil from your scalp with this clarifying shampoo that purifies oily roots and hydrates any dry tips. Find it here. 

Dry—Herbal Essences, Hello Hydration

Image: Herbal Essences

Revitalize your dry hair with this delicious coconut-scented shampoo that deeply hydrates your hair. It's also PH balanced to be color safe for any color. Find it here. 

Curly—AVEDA, be curly 

Image: AVEDA

Battle any level of waves or curls with frizz taming and cleansing shampoo made of wheat protein and organic aloe blend. Find it here. 

Next time you're shopping for your shampoo and conditioner look for the product that matches your color and texture to boost your hair health *and* your confidence. Not sure what your hair type is? We have the ultimate guide!

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by Abigail Adams | 5/31/2021