Literally *everything* you need for the ultimate at-home manicure

Everyone loves a trip to the nail salon—but what if we told you that you can create a killer manicure without even having to leave your room. Maybe we're biased, but we think at home manicures are the way to go. You save money, can do it wherever and whenever you want—and it's a *lot* of fun. We've rounded up all the must-have products so you can create the ultimate mani at home. 

Nail files

Ulta, $3.50

For any good mani—you of course need a nail file. We *heart* this two pack of files from Ulta that feature the cutest pink design. 

Nail polish 

Target, $9

Nail polish is (obviously) a manicure staple. With so many colors and types to choose from—there are ~so~ many directions to take your look. We're obsessed with a good pink nail—but choose whatever color speaks to you! 

Dip powder

Nailboo, $14

If nail polish isn't your thing or you are just looking for a change—then you def need to try dip powder. Dip powder makes it even easier to craft your perfect manicure—just dip and go. We adore *all* the dip powders from Nailboo—but especially this gorgeous holographic white. 

Gel polish kit

Target, $35

If you want to take your nail game to the next level—consider a gel polish kit. Gel polish tends to last longer than typical nail polish, and this Le Mini Macaron kit makes it super easy to achieve your ideal look. Paint your nails, cure them under the light and you're all set to take on the day.

Top coat

Walmart, $4

So, you've finished painting your nails. Now it's time to set them so you can enjoy your beautiful new mani for longer. A top coat is essential to locking in your new look—and you really can't go wrong with it. 

Nail wraps 

Blkbx, $20

If you're looking for a more intricate nail design—then you *need* to try out some nail wraps. These nail wraps designed by singer Grace Gaustad and celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik are must tries to truly step up your nail game. With many different prints to choose from—you can change up your look whenever you feel like it. 


Ulta, $10

Add some finishing touches to your newly manicured nails with some stickers! Even the tiniest sticker can go a long way and give your at-home mani a little extra pizazz. These nail art tattoos are *adorable* and come in ~so~ many designs. Stick them on and your DIY mani will be looking totally professional. 

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Slider image: @lolo.nailedit | All GIFs via Giphy

by Paige Mountain | 12/28/2021