How to detangle your hair (without causing damage)

Longer days = more fun in the pool! The summer is full of new adventures that bring the best times of your life: sitting out on the beach, soaking up the sun without a care in the world. But all that living in the moment (not to mention sunshine, saltwater and chlorine) can wreak some havoc on your locks. DW, we put together the ultimate guide to detangling your hair.

Grab the perfect detangling brush

The key to detangling your hair is finding the perfect brush. Brushing your hair with the wrong comb can cause even more tangles, hair loss and, tbh, just makes the process way worse. When picking a detangling brush, look for super gentle bristles, a soft touch and a non-slip grip for some extra help. One of our faves is The Hair Edit Detangle & Massage Brush.


Wet your hair or apply detangler


If you have curly hair, fully soak your hair with water before you begin detangling to brush smoothly, Never brush or detangle your hair while it's completely dry. Got straight hair? You can apply a small amount of detangler to your hair before you begin brushing (yep, brush it dry). Straight hair is actually most fragile when it's wet.

Brush from the ends (not the roots!)

When you run the brush through your hair, don't start brushing at the top of your head. This will only pull the knots down to your ends—which can cause more breakage. Instead, start brushing your hair at the tips, then work your way to the top to become tangle-free.

Practice proper hair care to stay tangle-free

Your hair can tangle if it's too dry, if too much heat is applied or if you wash your hair incorrectly. So be sure to take good care of your strands: Use a hydrating shampoo (or try a hair mask if your locks are in need of some TLC) and spritz in heat protectant (like Bumble and Bumble Heat Shield Thermal Protection Mist) before reaching for your curling iron. Your hair will thank you later.


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by Taylor Hancock | 7/6/2022