Take the Clear Skin Challenge! Week Two: You Are What You Eat

Diet Repair

Those French fries and brownies may taste pretty great, but they aren’t too good for your face. Stay away from excessive amounts unhealthy and sugary foods (believe us, not only is it good for your skin, but all over). Turns out, lotsa sugar can be rough on your skin.

The most important thing any girl fighting acne can do is drink water. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. It's important not only to help clear your skin, but also to help you keep your body hydrated and healthy. Express yourself with a cute water bottle which will keep your water chilled longer, plus you can refill it!

Protect Perfect

Tanning is a huge skin no-no, acne or not! When you’re outside, the #1 thing to do is apply sunscreen—look for one with high SPF that’s oil free and for sensitive skin. And remember to always apply—even on cloudy days.

Get Glowin'

That said, for those girls desperate for a little more color, go for a bronzer. Faux tans are totally safe. Try a tinted moisturizer which will gradually, and evenly give you an all-over glow. Follow instructions when applying and you have your summer-pretty tan without the ugly UVA rays.

So in addition to sticking with your routine from week one, add these steps in: drink extra water, ditch the junk food and grab your sunscreen. Skin getting any smoother? You should start to see some little changes by the end of this week, but stick to your routine and above all, keep your skin clean!


by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016