FASHION FORWARD: Strap Into Spring!


Slip into spring and turn underwear into outerwear with fashion/replacement bra-straps by Margarita Couture! Forget about those boring white bra straps and get glam!

Tried of those pesky bra-straps playing peek-a-boo? Margarita Couture gives you a reason to let it all hang out (excuse the pun). Add a little pizzazz to your blasé straps with fun and flirty colors. Give your shoulders a little bling with rhinestones that sparkle. Jazz up your wardrobe with adorable butterflies and hearts. Perfect in time for spring and summer’s tank top season, Margarita Couture gives you a choice of over 70 different styles to choose from, you’ll have one to accessorize every outfit in your closet.

The best part? You don’t have dish out a ton of moolah for a new bra. These nifty little gems can be attached straight to your existing bras to keep your money in the bank. Prices run from $6.99 - $18.99 per pair, and these lovely adornments are available at

4/7/2007 1:01:59 AM
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