4 must-know style secrets for petite chicas

After we  helped plus size gals find curve-friendly clothes, we heard your request and we're dishing out tips for all shapes and sizes. Now we're putting the style spotlight on short 'n' tiny girls for the best-fitting fashion.
Just-right jeans
This cannot be emphasized enough: find jeans that are the right length. If you're constantly walking all over the hem of your jeans, or they cover most of your feet, they are way too long, girl. It's worth getting them altered (trust us!) or go trendy and cuff 'em.


Skinny Jean, $30 (on sale),

Insider's tip: Stick with skinny jeans, straight leg and boot cut.  A little flare never hurts, but avoid wide bell bottoms, which totally overwhelm a tiny frame. 

Sure-fit shirts
Fitted tees and sweaters are the best bet for shorter gals. A looser fit top does work, but don't get one so baggy that you're drowning in it.

Layered Lemon Pie Top, $25,

Insider's tip: For tunics, make sure that it doesn't float much past your hips. That boho top is hardly chic when it's awkwardly mistaken for a dress left too long in the dryer.

Dreamy dresses (and skirts!)
To get the right length, keep the hemline above the knee. Otherwise, a shin-grazing dress or skirt tends to make shorter gals look stumpy. The exception, of course, is maxis. A floorlength dress gives the sneaky illusion that your legs go on for miles. Ooh la la!


Sparkle & Fade Colorblock Dress, $59,

Insider's tip: Strapless dresses work wonders on girls with itty-bitty frames.  A simple sweetheart neckline is so presh.

Height-happy heels
Every small-framed chica knows that heels are a wardrobe must. From pumps to platforms, those instant-heighteners are just the touch when you're doing photo ops with your toweringly tall fam or friends.

Charis 09 Strappy Cone Heel Peep Toe, $25,

Insider's tip: Want to add height without the heels? Straighten up! No, seriously, good posture makes you look tall and confident.

Shorty-approved stores
If you're not into hemming your clothes, Old NavyGap and ASOS have petite lines for tops and bottoms. We absolutely heart that Delia's lets you pick the length of the inseam for your jeans. Lots of mall faves, like American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister, all have short option for their jeans.

Where do you shop to find petite clothes? Blog it out, babes.


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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016