What this vlogger learned from her time at New York Fashion Week

Interviewing designers during NYFW? Yes please!

Vara Gianna, a fashion blogger and YouTuber, got to live the dream for a weekend in early Feburary when she did just that—and so much more! Here, she deliver's her NYFW filled with deets about traveling to the Big Apple, attending fashion shows and talking to some of the people behind the amaze garmets.

Her firsthand account of the whirlwind week (plus: all the outfits inspo) starts with her touchdown in New York City...

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    Thursday, February 8: I’d just left JFK airport after landing in New York and I was *super* excited about being in NYC for Fashion Week. I decided to start my weekend in a very chic and comfortable outfit, with minimal makeup and a sleek ponytail. These jeans are *amazing* and fit like a glove; BCBGMaxazria knows me so well. They are really skinny but still easy to move around in – perfect for looking cute on long travel days!

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    Friday, February 9: Here’s a shot of me in my natural habitat: in a car doing my makeup. I was on my way to interview designer and model Kate Stoltz, so I decided to keep my makeup minimal since her style is more classy-conservative. Couldn’t forget my fave lashes, though! The mink lashes by Meredith Boyd Cosmetics are the best. They look so natural and are the easiest to apply!

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    Friday, February 9 (Kate Stoltz Interview): In addition to keeping my makeup simple for Kate Stoltz, I went simple with my outfit, too, and opted for a cool jacket and heels. I chose an embellished, mustard bomber and black off-the-shoulder long sleeve sweater (both from Forever 21), along with Levi’s light-wash mom jeans, and black suede pearl Mary Jane heels from Urban Outfitters. Kate’s collection was undeniably stunning, eye-catching and a necessity for any woman who wants to look respectable yet attractive.

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    Saturday, February 10: After visiting Kate Stoltz’s popup shop, the first official fashion show I attended was Ex-Mermaid, and I was completely blown away by the creative and innovative pieces that Francki Michels created.

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    Saturday, February 10: Wearing an Alexander McQueen Suit, Valentino Heels, and pairing it all with an eggplant Louis Vuitton mini bag, I was definitely feeling myself in this outfit.

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    ...I was also feeling Paco and his goal to represent racial equality through his collection by having all the models wear black and white. His designs were truly inspirational.

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    Saturday, February 10: I have to go shopping whenever I’m in New York, so I decided to hit my favorite store, Urban Outfitters. The NYC store is really nicely laid out, and I loved how open it was. I was also totally obsessed with a pair of yellow sunglasses, too—the shape of the gold frame complimented my face structure perfectly!

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    Saturday, February 10: After a long day I was starving, so I decided to get some pizza and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Joe’s Pizza is a must-stop for me anytime I visit the magical city, and since eating and drinking can be very messy, I opted for my baby pink Chantecaille lip gloss. It has great staying power, but it also matches my natural lip color, so I knew my lips would still look great even if it smudged a little.

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    Sunday, February 11: As sad as I was to go back home, I knew my weekend at NYFW had to end, eventually. New York is always my favorite place to visit, and being there during Fashion Week – around so many other people who appreciate fashion as much as I do – was AMAZING! For traveling home I wanted to keep my beauty routine simple, so I just went for one of my fave moisturizers, Lancome’s BIENFAIT MULTI-VITAL SPF 30 DAY CREAM, and my Meredith Boyd mink lashes. I had the most amazing time ever, and now I just gotta find an excuse to come back!


by Alyson Trager | 3/2/2018