Shopping online for self-care? Start with these 10 essentials

We bet that you've been worrying about a lot of other people lately—your parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors. It's important to look out for your loved ones, especially during times like these, but it's just as crucial to practice self-care, too. They say you can't pour from an empty cup, so make sure your cup is full with these sweet essentials. 

Wellness planner 

You may already have a planner for assignments, practices and birthday parties, but do you ever really schedule some "me time"? Keeping a separate planner for self-care will ensure that you don't forget to take a breather every now and then . Track your water intake, books-to-read list and daily emotions all in this pink little binder


Whether you are pineappling your hair for the night or getting loose strands out the way for a jog around the block, a scrunchie is the soft touch your hair needs to prevent excessive breakage or damage. With an infinite amount of colors and styles at Forever 21, there's no time like the present to start your collection.

Reusable water bottle 

Who knew it was so difficult to consume your daily intake of water *every day*? Try getting a water bottle that displays measurable increments so you can be motivated by your progress. With this water bottle from, you even get an empowering quote every step of the way. 

Fitness watch 

This watch monitors your sleep, steps and, it's waterproof! Keeping track of your daily habits and movements can better help you set wellness goals for yourself and see the results. 

Pajama set

Perfect for lounging while you binge-watch and oh-so cozy for the best beauty sleep you could possibly dream of. This set from Shein is the cherry on top of your nightly routine. 

Self-help book 

Sometimes, you just need to hear that someone else has felt the way you're feeling right now. Enter the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, where real teens share stories about everything from crushes gone bad to dealing with family troubles. 

Face masks 

Putting on that sheet mask with your "vibes" playlist in the background will instantly transport you to that get-away spa experience you've been dying for. This To All The Boys skin care set will have you glowing brighter than Lara Jean on her first date.

Stress-relieving coloring book

Feeling way too overwhelmed with just everything? Take an hour with your quality set of markers and color your worries away. We promise, taking the time to slow down really helps. You can embrace your inner fashionista with this coloring book, or venture out to find books featuring nature, quotes or mandalas. 

Lip balm 

Smile confidently with a lip balm that suits your mood from Glossier. It'll be that tiny touch of glam that boosts your confidence.

Essential oil candles

For all your meditation and relaxation needs, a candle, like this one from Amazon, helps you focus on your breathing to bring your body back to its balanced state.

What are your self-care essentials? Post your list in the comments below! 


by Cassandra R Lopez | 4/1/2020