Julie and the Phantoms costume designer Soyon An shares how to recreate the looks

If you've been watching Julie and the Phantoms on replay like us, then you are bound to have noticed the iconic outfits on the new Netflix show. Emmy-winning costume designer, Soyon An, is the mastermind behind each character's style and she gave us the inside scoop on how to recreate the looks.

"As a costume designer, I have to think about the character and how my costumes tell a ton of backstory without having to think about it as a viewer," An said.

There would be no Julie and the Phantoms without Julie. To recreate Madison Reyes' girl boss outfit in "I Got the Music," you need a burgundy hoodie, light wash ripped jeans, fishnets and white sneakers.

image:  @soyonan


"That outfit was custom made. I got a regular collegiate burgundy hoodie and cropped it. The elastic was custom printed with Los Feliz High School letters, but you can just add black elastic on the bottom as a DIY project. You can paint or screenprint a bobcat on the front," An said.


She recommends wearing a blue tank top to mimic Julie's unitard. For the shorts, An suggests buying skinny jeans and cutting them below the knee. You can use sandpaper to create the shredded style. Julie also wears white socks and her shoes are FILA Disrupters, which you can customize with Sharpie and add your own doodles.


To pull off Luke's effortlessly cool rock star look as the lead singer of Sunset Curve, you need a classic band tee, a blue hoodie, black jeans and Vans sneakers. If you want the exact shirt Charlie Gillepsie uses in the series, the Rush Original Yellow Logo Tee is available on Rush's official backstage club website.


image: Netflix


Another option An recommends is buying a pale yellow or cream shirt and, in true Luke fashion, cut off the sleeves. She suggest drawing the Rush logo onto the shirt or even creating print-outs you can iron on.


"If you're shopping on a budget, go to a thrift store, get a blue hoodie and cut off the sleeves. For the t-shirt, do Tan France's French Tuck so it's half in or half out and it's styled. Take off one of your white shoelaces from your sneakers if you want it to be 'Authentic Luke' and use it as a belt," she said.


For Alex's street style, the drummer of Sunset Curve played by Owen Joyner, the key pieces are a faded pink t-shirt or pink hoodie, grey denim jacket, black pants and a fanny pack. Fanny packs can be found at Forever21 or Target.


image:  pinterest


Grey jackets like Alex's are a staple piece this fall and can be purchased at Target or H&M. In order to get the vintage distressed look of Alex's denim jacket, An suggests cutting the left top shoulder of the jacket to make it fall apart and look more grunge.


"Once you cut it, get a butter knife and rub perpendicular to where the fabric is going," she said. "If the fabric is straight, make the butter knife criss cross the fabric, then rub it and it will make it fray."


image: @owenjoyner


You can customize the rest of the cut-out parts for your Alex costume using the same technique. For Alex's shoes, Owen Joyner wears Air Maz sneakers from the '90s. You can wear black Nike shoes and accessorize with a necklace.


An based Sunset Curve's bass player, Jeremy Shada's character Reggie, on a "classic rock look that would go across all decades."


image: @jeremyshada


For the designer, a classic rock look consists of a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans and boots. To throw in that '90s mix, and a red flannel shirt from Hollister, Old Navy or Target.


image: @soyonan


"I wanted on of the Phantoms to be my anchor that doesn't really change much, so that the other two ghosts can change and we can create a story," An said.


Queen Bee and lead singer of Dirty Candy, Carrie, definitely shines on and off stage with her style. Actress Savannah Lee May wears a denim top paired with a cropped tank top underneath.


image: @soyonan


"You can get a denim sweetheart top or find a dress and cut it into a top. Her skirt is from Pretty Little Things. You can buy a denim skirt and stick a few rhinestones or crystals on there," An said.


To channel your inner diva, lookalikes for Carrie's faux fur coat can be found on Nordstrom Rack. For a more affordable option, you can wear a pink boa, visit a thrift store or search on Amazon.


Jadah Marie's character, Flynn, best friend goals and queen of trends, has amazing outfits for every day of the week. A staple piece of hers is cheetah print jackets or crewnecks. Animal print sweaters are very on trend and can be found in American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch and Old Navy. A similar overall skirt can also be purchased at Target or Francesca's.


image: @soyonan


However, An offers a DIY alternative. "If you have overalls in your closet, I would cut the legs off the overalls and pair it with black legging shorts," she said.


She originally bought Flynn's socks from ASOS, and stated the key for the shoes is to wear the same shoelace colors Flynn does.


image: @thejadahmarie


The outfit Flynn wears at the Orpheum is completed with a cheetah jacket from Urban Outfitters. She's wearing a gold metallic sheer top and a black spaghetti strap tank underneath. Her black leather skirt with buckles is from Topshop and similar styles are available at Target and Forever21.


Tori Caro plays Kayla, who's a part of the girl group Dirty Candy. An says a purple wig is a must-have if you're dressing up as this character. A mesh purple blouse, like the one worn by Caro, is available at Forever21. Pair the shirt with a black cropped tank top underneath. The purple sequin shorts are sold in dancewear stores or Amazon according to An. She put the dancers in Adidias thigh high socks and black knee high sneakers.


image: @soyonan


Since the release of the show, An has been seeing a lot of fan art and amazing artists make their own designs.


"I was able to tell a story through clothing and create the world of Julie and the Phantoms initially through my mood boards and the illustrations," An said. "I also did some trend forecasting to let the crew know the direction we were going with the '90s and the looks I created would be on-trend when the show came out in 2020."


If the outfit photos An gets tagged in by "Fantoms" on Instagram are any indication, she was definitely able to capture the style of a generation.


by Valeria Munoz | 10/30/2020