5 cute fuzzy socks to keep you warm this winter (plus how to make a pair yourself!)

Nothing quite completes the winter aesthetic like a pair of fuzzy socks. They're super cute (yes to endless colors and patterns), not to mention how warm they'll keep you in snowy temps. We've compiled some adorable socks we can't wait to snag ourselves, plus advice on how to knit your own pair if you're in the mood for a DIY.

1. Bear socks

Etsy, $15

Bear with us (sorry, we had to)—you won't believe how comfy these socks are. Hand-knit using combed cotton, they'll surely be the sweetest addition to any animal lover's closet. 

2. Sanrio socks

Etsy, $20 

Sanrio charmed us with their kawaii characters (case in point: the iconic Hello Kitty), and now's your chance to start your day on the right foot with one of these furry friends. We know you'd probably have a tough time deciding which one to get, so don't worry, your order will come with all five pairs! 

3. Monsters socks 

Amazon, $18

We can't quite put our finger on what makes these monsters so cute. Is it the pastel color? The funny expressions? We just know that we can't wait to add them to our loungewear rotation. 

4. Customizable socks

Etsy, $16

What's even better than a pair of fuzzy socks? Fuzzy socks with your embroidered initials. This listing from Etsy has tons of colors and letter styles to choose from to make sure you get the socks of your dreams. (P.S. This would make a super cute gift!) 

5. Aromatherapy socks

Macy's, $31

From keeping your feet warm to diffusing a rose scent that'll make you smell like a Disney princess, these aromatherapy socks do it all (including making you feel totally zen).

Bonus: How to make fuzzy socks yourself


You'll need 100 to 150 grams of sock yarn, a double-pointed knitting needle (size 2.50 nm), tapestry needles and scissors. First, knit 30 rows to form a swatch (AKA a rectangular piece of fabric). Measure your feet to figure out how wide your socks need to be, then knit the cuff and the leg. Find the full instructions here.

We want to see your cute socks, handmade *or* storebought! Tag us on Instagram @girlslifemag for a chance to be featured!

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by Cathy Li | 1/31/2023