Disneybound outfits for your next Disney vacay

If you have a trip to Disney coming up, you might be struggling to decide what clothes to pack. Repping your fave characters can be super fun, but Disney usually doesn't allow teens and adults to wear costumes in the parks (aside from special events like Halloween). If you love all things Disney or even just have a specific character that resonates with you, Disneybounding is the way to go.

Disneybounding takes everyday clothing pieces to recreate characters' iconic lewks without going full cosplay. Knowing what you're going to wear in advance also makes packing for your trip way less stressful. Here are a few Disneybound outfit ideas we came up with for your next trip to the most magical place on Earth.

Snow White

Sometimes color blocking is the way to go to be recognized when Disneybounding, and this is def true for Snow White. Recreate her iconic dress with your own blue shirt (Amazon, $15) and yellow skirt (Walmart, $14). Add in some red with a headband (Claire's, $8) and apple accessories, such as this necklace (Amazon, $18) and adorable purse (Amazon, $25). Throw on a pair of yellow sneakers (Amazon, $21) to make sure you stay comfy and you'll be good to go! 


Look like you're a part of Ariel's world with this mermaid scale tank top (Amazon, $4). Ditch the tail for a pair of green shorts (Old Navy, $30) and sandals (Amazon, $31). Add all the beachy accessories you can, such as this seashell necklace (Forever 21, $8), matching earrings (Forever 21, $8) and bracelet (Pura Vida, $14). Plus, this claw clip (Target, $5) looks just like the flower Ariel wears in her hair!


This light green dress (Hollister, $50) is giving us major Tiana vibes. Find some matching sneakers (Zappos, $60) and cute socks (H&M, $7) to add to the fit. Then it's all about the accessories: try some floral earrings (Francesca's, $19), a green scrunchie (Claire's, $5) to tie your hair back and a frog necklace (Amazon, $22)—you need to incorporate a frog somewhere, of course! 

Minnie Mouse

There are plenty more options than just princesses to dress as. Channel our fave mouse gal with a black shirt (Hollister, $15), red skirt with polka dots (Walmart, $13) and yellow flats (Amazon, $13). Add some matching accessories such as this ring (Pura Vida, $20) and a pair of sunglasses (Amazon, $12). And of course, you can't forget a pair of Minnie Mouse ears (Amazon, $7)!


Here's another lovable animal you can easily represent. Just wear a red shirt (Walmart, $13) and yellow shorts (Old Navy, $25) and sneakers (Old Navy, $23). Then add some fun accessories such as bee earrings (Claire's, $6) and a honeypot necklace (Walmart, $9). Lastly, get a Pooh ears headband (Amazon, $6) to complete your super cute look.

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by Natalie Misyak | 5/19/2023