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What your favorite throwback Disney Channel Original Movie says about you

Picture this: You're curled up on the couch with your go-to snack and your fave classic Disney Channel Original Movie (or DCOM, for short). Unsurprisingly, the flick you pick can say a lot about your personality. Is Camp Rock your choice—or are you more of a Lemonade Mouth lover? We have *all* the answers, so read on to find out what your fave throwback DCOM says about you.



If Starstruck is your ideal nostalgic DCOM, you're def a romantic (enemies-to-lovers is your fave trope, obvi). But even though you sometimes have your head in the clouds, your friends know they can always rely on you—and you're *never* afraid to stand up for your besties. You also have an amazing taste in music ("Hero" is on repeat every day, as it should be).

Camp Rock


If you rocked out to Camp Rock as a kid, you grew up to be the life of the party. You're always down for an adventure, and you love meeting new people (very "Introducing Me" type vibes). It seems like every month you're trying out a new hobby, whether it's cooking, birdhouse-making or painting. You name it, you've done it!

Teen Beach Movie


Summer is *your* season if Teen Beach Movie is on your faves list. Your beach tote is always packed with the essentials: statement sunnies, SPF and all the snacks, ofc. You also totally rock the coconut girl aesthetic, and "fashion icon" is basically your middle name. You're a glass-half-full girlie who can always see the bright side of things. 

High School Musical


If your pick is High School Musical, then you're a theater kid at heart (and, just admit it, you've probs been following the Funny Girl casting drama all summer). Being in the limelight doesn't freak you out, and you're the first to sign up for karaoke with your besties or belt out your fave songs in the car with your family. You love a main character moment, but you'd do anything for the people you care about.

Lemonade Mouth


If you love Lemonade Mouth, then you are fabulously free-spirited! You march to the beat of your own drum and are never afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You can find friends in the most unlikely places, just like how Lemonade Mouth formed their band after winding up in detention. It might take you a while to let people in, but once you do, you're super loyal to them no matter what.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie


If your throwback flick of choice is The Lizzie McGuire Movie, then you love the classics (and the iconic bop "What Dreams Are Made Of," ofc). You're a total sweetheart and a true-blue friend. Sometimes you struggle to get out of your comfort zone, but when you end up taking a risk, it totally pays off. You're def a daydreamer and *love* a good friends-to-lovers rom-com!

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by Aubrey Rhoadarmer and Samara Smukler | 9/4/2022