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This week’s gossip is juicier than ever! We have a li’l bit of everything—excitement, sadness and insanity. Like, does 1D really need Obama’s bodyguards?! Also, check out the real side of some of our fave stars like Demi Lovato, the Biebs and more. Read on for this week’s scoop and let us know what you think.

Demi Lovato comes clean on depression during Disney years

There is nothing we love more than honesty. During the 2013 Mental Health Awareness Day this week, Demi spilled a major and personal confession: her struggle with depression and addiction. According to Demi, her mental health problems took over her life for a period of time and she started worrying what people would think if they found out her struggles. We’re glad this fierce girl was able to get the help she needed. And she made it clear that all kids who are currently battling with any issues can follow in her footsteps and get the proper help for a path to a better life. You go, girl!


Sarah Hyland chops off hair!
Sarah Hyland, aka Modern Family’s Haley Dunphy, apparently cut off all her luscious locks this week. Inspired by the Olsen twins and Emma Watson’s style, she dared to make a bold change. Sarah thinks it’s part of growing up and even tweeted, “I got a big girl haircut! #nofilter.”  What do you girls think of her ’do?

Surprise! Bethany Hamilton’s engaged

The 23-year-old surfer shared exciting news on her blog this Tuesday that she and beau Adam Dirks are engaged! The two apparently met a year ago while cliff jumping. Bethany wrote, “The first thing we did was jump off a cliff together! It was love at first cliff jump.” A big secret we didn’t know? The couple’s been engaged for three months. Way to keep such a huge thing a secret. 


Is Caleb leaving PLL?

Even though we’re all counting down the days ‘til one of our fave shows, Pretty Little Liars, comes back to TV, we are dreading what’s to come. It was just announced that Tyler Blackburn, who plays hottie Caleb, is leaving the show to join the new ABC Family spin-off, Ravenswood. We’re crossing our fingers (and toes!) that Caleb doesn’t leave by breaking Hannah’s precious heart. How do you think he should bow out?

One Direction hires Obama’s former bodyguards?!

Crazy as it sounds, the hotter than hot boy band just hired president Obama’s former secret service agents to protect them while they travel America on their Take Me Home tour this summer. We thought the boys only had to be protected from their screaming fans, not anything serious… but 1D needs the best of the best and that’s what they’ve got. Come to think of it, it’s probably those screaming fans they need proper protection from.


Uh ohs. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder split

Yea, we’re still a bit teary over this one, too. After three years together, the Vampire Diaries power couple has decided to go their separate ways—off screen, that is. While we’re still waiting to hear what might have caused the split, one source claims they remain best friends. Well that’s good considering, ya know, they still have to work together and all. Who do you think Nina should date next? 


Will Selena’s newest album be her last?!

Our girl has worked so hard on her new album, Stars Dance, and now she decides to call it quits?! Apparently so. But for good reason…we suppose. Reports claim Sel wants to focus more on her acting career. But why can’t she do both, we ask. Are you bummed these tunes might be her last?


Which celeb moment made you go “OMG” this week? Share in the comments below.

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by Elizabeth Kuntz | 2/1/2016