Here's the sitch with One Direction's big news

Ever since Zayn Malik left the group, there've been about a million rumors about One Direction. More than anything else, though, people have been whispering about which 1D boy is going solo next. The short answer? All of them. 

Don't freak out just yet, though. The boys haven't disbanded or anything (well, sort of), but they have announced an "extended hiatus" starting in March where each of the lads will get their chance to work on their own solo projects. There's no real word yet on how long the break will be, but the boys are already assuring us on social media that it definitely won't be permanent. 



According to E! Online, they're also still just as enthusiastic about working on their fifth album as they were before. (Um, does this mean we'll be getting a whole new 1D album before their break in March? Because if so, that just might be enough to tide us over.)


Though we know we might get a little crazy without 1D in our lives, the idea of the boys putting out a bunch of whole new projects also sounds pretty great to us. And they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, so we're not ready to let this hiatus news drag us down just yet.

What do you think of One Direction's hiatus? Do you think it'll be the end of the band or just the start of even more amazingness from these four boys?

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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016