This Just Add Magic star talks dream roles and fave recipes

Abby Donnelly, star of hit Amazon Prime Video series Just Add Magic, is one of those girls who just emanates a down-to-earth vibe. Known for guest spots on Criminal Minds, Suburgatory, and—of course—lead role as Darbie in JAM, this actress is seriously talented and seriously chill.

We got to catch up with the 15-year-old about the new season of her show, what she’s binge-watching and much more—read on!

Girls' Life: What was your favorite part of filming this season?
Abby Donnelly: Definitely filming scenes that were a little out of my comfort zone. They were difficult, but turned out to be my favorite moments!

GL: How does your character Darbie transform this season?
Darbie decides to try new things at school which lead to new friendships and new experiences!  

GL: How do you relate to your character in real life?
I am a lot like Darbie! But I think the biggest thing we have in common is our strong bonds with our friends. I have a specific connection with all of my friends that make our friendship special and unique.

GL: How are you planning to watch the first episode? Will you have a viewing party with the cast? Watch with your fam?
AD: For the past two seasons, my family and I watch an episode a week on a big projector at our house to stretch the episodes out, so I think we are gonna do that this year as well!

GL: What’s your favorite real life recipe?
AD: My dad makes the most amazing pasta sauce. The best part is that there are only like four ingredients, so it's super easy to make! The recipe is just onions, tomatoes, butter, and salt.

GL: What’s your favorite thing to watch right now?
I am always watching new shows because I love watching other actors and actresses, but a show I am obsessed with right now is Freaks and Geeks. It's actually a show from the late '90s, and I've seen about three times. It's one of my favorites!

GL: What’s your dream role?
To play a superhero. I grew up watching the superhero cartoons and I've seen most of the Marvel and D.C. movies, but I've always wanted to do fight scenes and try to save the world!

The second half of season two of Just Add Magic premieres *today* on Amazon Prime Video.

What's your favorite thing to watch right now? Sound off in the comments below.

by Kira Barrett | 1/19/2018
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