EXCLUSIVE! Sawyer Sharbino on his new music and his perfect date

Maybe it's the fact that he grew up with two big sisters (hey, Brighton and Saxon). Or maybe it's his star-studded BGF squad (think: Txunamy Ortiz, Piper Rockelle and Elliana Walmsley). Whatever it is, 15-year-old singer and YouTuber Sawyer Sharbino just wants to treat a girl right. 

Listen to his new bop "Put You First" to hear what we mean. Inspired by Shawn Mendes' "Treat You Better" and the hyped-up tempo of Justin Bieber's "Baby," the song is "all about giving the person you're crushing on the love and attention they deserve," shares Sawyer. "Every girl out there should know that she deserves to be cared about 100% and treated with kindness."

Sawyer's perfect setup? He'd find a girl who feels like a best friend, loves to laugh, trusts him with her feelings and cares for others. 

For a first date, he'd take her to the mall to just walk and talk ("that way we can actually get to know each other," he explains), then end the evening with a romantic dinner at a trendy outdoor restaurant. Or maybe he'd make her a meal at home. Sawyer's specialty? Steak and gourmet mac 'n' cheese.

As chill as Sawyer is behind the scenes (besides cooking, he spends his free time watching gaming vids and working on creative writing), he's also ready to put the work into any relationship—or anything he wants in life, for that matter. 

"The right person won't make you feel like you have to change for them or try super hard for them to like you," he says. "They will support and accept you for who you are."

And we *so* heart that. 

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All images via: @sawyersharbino

by Katherine Hammer | 3/23/2021