EXCLUSIVE! Elle Brightly talks her new single and more

Singer and songwriter Elle Brightly is making waves with her danceable bops like I Know Your Type. We sat down with Elle to get all the details on her experience in the music industry, the new music she has coming out and more. Keep reading for this GL exclusive interview! 

On how she got started:

"I just really wanted to get to this whole entertainment world. One day, I was like, 'I really do seriously want to pursue this.'" She took her mom to a local casting call and the rest is history. "I kept moving up in all the levels and finally the agents said, 'we want to work with you.'"

On writing music:

"Getting into writing music was natural for me. I always loved poetry and reading and writing when I grew up. I kept a little book where I just wrote down little ideas. As I got older, I was like, this is something that I want to do and I have a real joy for this. So it really just became my passion."

On her music style: 

"My music is mainly like dance-pop, very relatable things. I like to write about the experiences that I have. I like to write about what's going on my life. Kind of like reaching out to other people. I want to sing what I feel."

On who she looks up to in the music industry:

"I'm sure this is a lot of people right now, but Olivia Rodrigo for sure. She came out with her album and there are so many songs on there that you can tell she spent time on, and she really has a way of writing so that people feel it. Every single song, there's someone saying how much this is just like their life. And that's exactly what I want to do."


Song: "Happier" by Olivia Rodrigo

Show: Schitt's Creek

Movie: Mamma Mia

Trend: Hair tinsel

Summer activity: Hanging out by the pool

Social media: TikTok

On her new song, I Know Your Type:
"Yeah, it's very different from the last one. I guess this one's more hopeful. Like a girl wanting a guy to notice her. Kind of the antithesis of my last song. This one is more, 'I know who you are, I'm done. I see you for what you are, but I'm okay with that.'"

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On her hometown and high-school life:

"I've always been a lake girl growing up. I grew up at a small country school. It's a really intimate group of people and great sports departments. I try to participate in as many sports as I can; volleyball, track, cheer."

On chasing your dreams:

"Really just follow your heart, because that's going to lead you where you want to be. Even if you get told no, that's just one no. There's going to be a 'Yes' somewhere and you just have to look for that."

image: @ellebrightlyofficial

This interview has been edited for clarity. 

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by Erin Sargent, Ariel Sheinberg | 7/6/2021