EXCLUSIVE! Priah Ferguson spills on Stranger Things, style and her Sweet 16

In honor of season four of Stranger Things, the Netflix star let us ask her all our most random questions.

Priah Ferguson plays Erica, everyone's favorite annoying little sister on Stranger Things. IRL, the 15-year-old was willing to let us turn the tables, dishing on everything from the super secret plot of the upcoming fourth season (part one drops today on Netflix) to her own deep thoughts.

Girls' Life: Your character, Erica, has grown a lot since we first met her. What can you tell us about her journey in season four?

Priah: After taking part in a wild mission last season, Erica won't be sitting on the sidelines—that's for sure. 

GL: Erica is a massive fan favorite on Stranger Things. Were you surprised?

Priah: I was very surprised, honestly. I was only supposed to be in one or two episodes, but the Duffers [the showrunners on Stranger Things] found ways to write Erica into the script. The day after season two aired, I noticed a ton of press coverage about being a "breakout star," then the fan art and an increase in my followers. I will always be grateful for the opportunity.

GL: Your style is amazing. What goes into creating your *perfect* Insta fits?

Priah: Thank you! My aesthetic is sort of based on my mood. One day it's a hoodie and heels, another day a stylish dress. I'm taking risks and evolving and exploring myself through my style.


GL: Play style psychic for us and predict what fashion trends will dominate this summer.

Priah: I really see vintage glamour and bohemian looks taking over: scarves, skorts, platforms, and bold patterns. Think summertime Dorothy Dandridge, Diahann Carroll, Marilyn vibes but with a modern twist.

GL: What's something you're super passionate about that also would really surprise your fans?

Priah: I just earned a spot on my high school's JV cheer team for next year. Tryouts were very challenging, and although cheering is more of a hobby for me, I take it seriously—I go to the gym after practice and take weekend tumbling lessons to sharpen my skills. And I love feeding off the energy of a hyped-up crowd.

GL: What song is your personal bop right now?

Priah: "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper. Random, but I have it on repeat.

GL: Since you're turning 16 this year, if you had an unlimited budget and your dream guest list, plan your ultimate Sweet 16 party...

Priah: I'm *so* ready for my Sweet 16. I'd kick off my dream party with a vintage-glam photo shoot at the beach. Following that, a small group of my closest girls and I would fly out to Bora Bora. Then Jhené Aiko, Rihanna, Lil Baby and 112 would perform while I danced with my friends, fresh coconut water in hand.


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Slider and top image: @priahferguson


by Kayleigh Roberts | 5/27/2022