EXCLUSIVE! Clementine Lea takes us behind the scenes of social media stardom

Need fashion inspo *and* srsly relatable moments? Look no further than content creator and actress Clementine Lea. The 16-year-old star on the rise sat down with us to spill on how she balances her social media career and everyday teen life—plus her pro tips on how to glow up your own feed in 2023. 

Girls' Life: How do you manage your day-to-day on social media along with school? 

Clementine: I'm a very organized person. I try to get my homework done throughout the day so it doesn't pile up after school and then I can work on brand deals or go to events. I try to balance it ahead of time so I don't get stressed out. 

Girls' Life: And how do you prioritize your self-care?

Clementine: Sunday's my reset day. On Friday and Saturday, I hang out with friends, but Sunday's my cleansing day. I catch up on anything I have to do and I lean into that self-care time, whether it's baking or doing a face mask or watching a comfort show like Gilmore Girls.  

Girls' Life: Your style is amazing. How do you figure out what to wear? 

Clementine: Embracing your own style is so important. It really shapes you as a person. I like to find a role model, like someone on my For You page, and take inspiration from that and then make it my own. Confidence is the game.

Girls' Life: What's something you heart doing outside of social media and acting?

Clementine: I volunteer a lot! Every other Monday, I go to a cat sanctuary and I do a cat enrichment program where I play with the cats and feed them and everything. Oh, and I'm trying to design my own clothes. I love leaning into that kind of creativity. 

Girls' Life: Any advice for girls hoping to create social media content this year?

Clementine: You have to love it and be passionate about it—because you have to post consistently, like every day. Try to be authentic but also create things that people can relate and connect to and be inspired by. 

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Image: @clementinelea


by Laine Napoli | 3/9/2023